Reality check on borrowing rules

Am I correct that if I make a reservation now for a March 2023 trip that requires borrowing points from my June 2023 use year, that those points move to the June 2022 year permanently once I make that reservation? So if I cancel the reservation those borrowed points must now be used by May 30 2023.

We want to watch DS and his high school band perform at WDW but likely won’t know more details until we’re way inside the 6-month mark which could make getting a DVC reservation tricky. On the other hand we already have a big trip planned in December (which is why we’d have to borrow) meaning if the band trip falls through we’d be hard pressed to us those points.

I have a solution for you but it only works of you can cancel your May trip before your December trip. Does that timeline work? If so I’ll give you the detailed explination!

Short explination is - if you have to cancel you can reshuffle your points to use the barrowed 2023 points for December and then bank your extra June 2022 points into 2023.

I’d be interested to hear how to do this. I’m not sure when we’ll get details about the March trip but it won’t be until at least September or October (next school year) which would be pushing it for making a new DVC reservation but plenty of time to cancel.

Great - I didn’t want to guve you a long explination that you didnt need! But now I realize there is a simple explination.

Essentially you need to cancel the reservation you made with the borrowed points before your banking deadline. Go in and tell the system you want to modify your December stay, don’t change anything, but reconfim the reservation all the way through the end of booking process. Then the system will reshuffle your points and use the points that will expire the soonest for your December trip. You should even get a pop up window that tells you what points ate being used for this stay. (I hate that this is the only time you see that info spelled out).

By essentially rebooking the system will apply those barrowed points to your December trip and then leave the extra 2022 points in your account to be banked for usage in 2023.

I personally would do this reshuffle before you hit the 30 day mark for your December trip. I have no idea if the reshuffle happens if you are within 30 days of your stay.

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much! I didn’t realize you could shuffle points like that!

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Some people make the mistake of thinking it happens automatically. I believe you can call and have them do it too, but who wants to wait on hold?

To me it is the only way to risk batrowing points for a waitlist or a trip you might not take.

I hope it all works out for you!


I didn’t know you could do that either. I knew it wasn’t automatic, but I had no idea you could force it to shuffle without calling. Super helpful!

I discovered this when I had a December stay and then a date in April that I had to waitlist. It was nice to be able yo shuffle all the banked and barrowed points to the “for sure” December stay. Felt less risky.