Realistic Transportation Expectations

Alright, all my ADR’s and FPP’s are set up and all there is left to do is some laundry and pack. Within the week we arrive in Disney for our first trip ever and last thing for me to figure out is transportation timing.

My son keeps asking me when are we getting there…6 days isn’t soon enough.

Just a couple of quick questions:

-MDE the entire process once we arrive at the buses I’m thinking an 1-1.5 hours until we will get to our resort?
-Trying to get to BOG 8:20am best way to get there on time, I’ve read that the morning buses can be swamped and might not take everyone. So I’m thinking taxi or Lyft but they only go to the TTC, how long does the ferry or monorail take once we get to TTC?
-RD AK, pretty much same question guess I’m thinking taxi or Lyft best way to get there for it?

To get to BOG you can have them drop you off at Contemporary and then walk from there. Just say you are eating at Contemporary if you get asked. It’s a very quick walk to MK.
We ended up doing a taxi but lyft will work too for AK.
The MDE buses can take a while. We have never waited too long, but I have gotten the recommendation of planning 2 hrs just to be safe.

Where are you staying? We were checking in at hotel within an hour ish of getting to MDE. A little bit of waiting. Then one stop, then our resort. The first time, it seems a little chaotic. The cms have a good system, they just don’t communicate so you don’t know how long until you board the bus.

The two times we had to be at MK for a certain time in the morning, we took Minnie vans. They drop you off in one of the bus bays, so as close as you can get.

Those were actually the only 2 times we used them. I had expected more, but buses worked well for us. Rarely waited more than 15-20min, and usually about that long to get where we were going.

We are staying @ Port Orleans Riverside do the minnie vans go there also?

Pretty sure you can get them at any resort now

You can definitely get Minnie Vans at any resort now. However, they are in limited supply so make sure you have a good back up plan in case one isn’t available when you need it.