Realistic to take a break staying at AoA?

Planning a trip the last week in Aug and currently do have breaks built into my plan staying at AoA, Last time I went with just BF & HE wanted a break in the afternoon. Taking his 8 & 12 DDs so decided that on MSSHP we will do a break for sure, and I have it in two other days, but I am struggling with ‘wasting’ that time. I have been in Aug twice before, but we were not staying on site and we did have park hopper so usually went back to the condo, ate dinner then went to a different park at night. Based on what others have said I think that I am going to probably need to take the breaks and if it turns out they take a lot of time and/or don’t feel they are needed I can adjust later in the week. The kids shouldn’t really need naps, but just relaxing, going to the pool, etc is probably the right thing to do.

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At that time of year you most likely do not want to be in the parks during the daily thunderstorm!

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We drive to the parks, so I can’t speak about travel time via buses.
BUT, after MANY trips, I can say that the most important lesson I’ve learned is that “the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.” i.e. When the 5 year old gets hot, tired, and cranky, NO ONE else has fun anymore.
Do RD, leave parks by 1-2pm, BREAK, return by 6pm. You will love it!!!


Glad you posted this, I’ve been contemplating the same. We are going in October with DD2 and DS6. We went when DS was 2 and he napped in the stroller every day with no problem and was able to make it from RD to Wishes at MK. BUT, my daughter is a different child and I’m not sure she’ll give it up in the park in the stroller. Figure we will try and if she doesn’t, we will take a break (also staying at AoA).
Also, for your second question, We are planning to attend MNSSHP during our trip and plan to go to HS that morning, take a short break and head to MK as close to 4 as possible. With a 5 year old I suggest the same for you --while there isn’t MUCH in HS in my opinion, there are a few must sees for that age group!

We are thinking of doing the AK for a few hours and then a break, but same idea. I hope it works out for you!

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