Realistic Magical Express Timing?

I haven’t used ME for my last several trips but my group (4 adults) is thinking about it for October. If our flight arrives in Orlando at 3 pm, what time can we realistically expect to get to Pop?

We have tickets for MNSSHP that night and will probably stay until midnight so we don’t need to get there right at 4, and we wouldn’t need our luggage until after the party (we can travel “park ready”) so that’s not an issue. At the same time we don’t want to be sitting on a bus for hours while the party’s going on without us.

What would you do?

Plan on 2hrs from wheels down to arrival at your resort. May be less, probably won’t be more. 2 is about the average.

Edited: I would stop at Pop to drop off carry ons, and then go to park.


Thanks! That should work and save us a little money :slight_smile:

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What were you considering that was going to cost $? Car service? Wouldn’t save a ton of time - some, but not a ton. IMO not worth it since you should be at MK by 6pm at the very latest

Yep just thinking if a car service would save hours it might be worth it, but sounds like ME is the way to go. The last time I used it with my family (years ago) we arrived late at night and had to sit around for a long time waiting for the bus to fill up. I’m guessing things have changed since then and I’m also thinking that arriving in the middle of the day will speed things up. Just wanted a reality check :slight_smile:

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++ @OBNurseNH – My experience last October was right at 2 hours (airport gate to resort lobby)


When taking DME, get off at the very first resort stop (assuming Pop isn’t the first stop) and get onto an Uber or Lyft directly to your hotel. It may cost $5, but will save you an hour of waiting to see if your hotel is the next drop.

Forgive me for saying so but this is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of. The entire DME ride has never taken more than an hour, with multiple stops. Resorts are grouped by location, so the route doesn’t take very long at all. It would be a waste - of both time and money - to do this.


This ^^^


You are forgiven, thanks for helping me see how wrong I am. I really needed that this morning. I hope you have a Magical Day!!!

Have a Disney Day!!


Thanks, all! Appreciate the feedback. As always I’m sure things vary – the last time we took ME it was horrible - it was late at night and we had to sit on the bus at the airport until it filled. I don’t think they even pick up late anymore – it probably wasn’t cost effective. I am glad to hear things are a little more streamlined. We’re hoping to get to the MK by 6 (we land at 3) and it sounds like that shouldn’t be a problem.

They actually pick up 24/7! When we took it last year, we landed at 5:15am. I was worried we would have to wait forever. Got to MDE (only two people there), waited a few minutes. Got to sit on the bus, waited a few more minutes, a third person got on and we were on our way! They totally did not wait for the bus to fill up.


Good to know. I think we landed around midnight a few years ago and sat on the bus for more than an hour. With kids in tow it was SUPER painful, but there was nothing to do but wait. Glad to hear it’s changed.