"REAL" 7DMT Wait Times

I (currently) do not have FPPs for 7DMT. When I optimize my TP, it gets placed at approximately 1:00 PM and tells me there is a 31 minute wait. It’s a crowd level of 3 on my planned day. I typically trust the line info on TP, but I also know it’s strength is in its N size used in the statistical analyses; given that 7DMT has only be opened for slightly over 4 months, the N is much smaller.

My question. For those who have been in MK recently, what have the ACTUAL wait times been like at 1:00 PM?

Have you checked the green dots in the 7DMT wait time graphs? Those are actuals. We’ve probably got a few thousand of them by now.

An actual wait of 30-40 minutes at 1 pm on a “3” day sounds perfectly reasonable to me.


Thanks Len! I’ve heard so many stories about 60+ Min waits, I was a bit nervous… :slight_smile:

I am curious about the wait at Rope Drop on a 4/10 day. I cannot seem to get the optimizer to let me do a first thing in the morning ride. I have FPP for 10:30 and it will not allow me to go to 7DMT until 10:30 to use my fast pass. thanks!

Hmmm…do you want to ride it twice, @April_in_Cincy?