Re-thinking my touring plan, need opinions

My plan is to do full day at EPCOT, then we have DHS half day then MVMCP that afternoon/night, then day 3 will be DHS full day, Day 4 full day MK, and day 5 is the day we leave and we’ll spend all morning till about 1 at AK.

So thinking about skipping EPCOT altogether and starting at MK and leaving everything else the same.

We have 3 kids - DS5, DS3, & DD1. We have naps still during the day. And I want to make sure all of MK is done. DS5 will be able to do most of the rides and DS3 a lot of them. They are very interested in characters and DH and I want the rides.

So opinions? Skip EPCOT or must do?

Also - keep in mind we won’t be going back for a few years. :frowning:

Our kids loved Epcot. First trip they were 5 and 2 and then next trip 6 and 3. They enjoyed both Future World and World Showcase (they liked the kidcot stops which were nice breaks from the overstimulation). If anything I wouldn’t give DHS a day and a half. Don’t get me wrong, I love that park. There just are not many rides for kids that age there and you could knock out all the things they can do in one day easily.
Where are you staying?

We’re staying at AS Movies. We’re doing the half day at DHS because of a character meal. Otherwise we wouldn’t. But that way I can make sure we get a good nap in before the Party that night.

Are you going back to your resort for naps or are they going to be stroller naps?

Resort for naps.

My boys, now 5 and 11, love EP and always have. When my youngest was 1, we spent an hour in the Seas just looking at the aquariums. Other hits have been Nemo, Crush , The Land, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, Mexico ride and the trains at Germany. My youngest also liked the Kidcot stations. There are a lot of characters at EP too. My youngest will watch the monorail go by and play in the splash fountains while others ride Test Track and Soarin. We’ve never had a problem finding something to do at EP.

HS is the park we spend the least amount of time at. We have just never found as much to do there, especially when the kids were small.

I understand wanting more time at MK. That’s where we spend the most time too. If it were me, I’d take the time from HS before I’d take it from EP.


Do you have park hoppers?

No. No park hopper. I bought tickets for the MVMCP instead of doing park hopper.

Any chance you can move the character meal to the full day you are at HS and do the half day before the party at EP?

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I’ve been looking. But can’t get one that day. I would love to. I search multiple times a day! :smile:

I agree with @JustKeepSmiling, I would take from HS before EP. But it doesn’t sound like you will have enough time to have your half day there be your only day there since you also have a character meal. And there is the travel time back to the resort, nap and then travel to MK to consider.

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That definitely complicates things. When is your trip?

That could still work out. I got a BOG dinner res at a good time on a Saturday evening about 4 weeks out.
I like that idea but doing EP on the party day you would probably only get to do Future World before leaving for naps. Still, there is so much to do there as @JustKeepSmiling mentioned so it would be fun. I tried moving your days around in order to give AK more time too but I couldn’t figure that out.

Yeah- I’ve done a lot of work on the touring plan. I think what I have is pretty much the best way to see everything and do everything but MK is rushed. At least in my opinion. I’ve only been to Epcot once and it was just for a couple of hours and I really wasn’t all that impressed. But MK - well I could spend an entire week there and be happy!

But I want to see and do everything!

We’ll be there Nov. 6th to the 10th. (getting int he 5th so we’ll have a full day on the 6th at the parks)

I’d keep checking and move it if you can. Then do EP on your half day. Maybe you can add a character meal on the extra MK day. You could check both MK and also MK resort hotels because transportation there is easier to deal with. Then if you have to just cancel the HS meal, you have a replacement.

Don’t give up. I planned a trip for my son 3 weeks out and was eventually able to get Crystal Palace, Chef Mickey and BOG.

I do think the kids would like EP. For our family, our order of parks is MK, EP, AK and HS.

I hope it works out.

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@VanellopeVonDoom, we think a like!

Thanks so much!

Perhaps consider swapping your EP and AK days - I think that the kids might enjoy a full day at AK more than EP. Lots of great kid-friendly things to do at AK.


I would take out your extra DHS day and just leave it as a half. Even with the character breakfast you should have enough time to do DHS. DHS really only has 3 or 4 things your children would probably appreciate. Not including Toy Story Mania I haven’t seen any have long lines o you could probably get them done in about 4 hours. Just to clarify im talking about Muppet Vision )and that’s a maybe, especially for the youngest), Disney junior on stage, toy story mania, and maybe beauty and the beast. Unless Im missing something that’s probably about all you can do. So id try and fit it in the half day and take your second DHS and use it for MK.


I would make that first day a MK day – add all the MK time you can! – and just keep your HS half day, and change the whole HS day to EP. There is likely more for kids that age to do at EP than at HS. Future World West!!! :slight_smile:

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