Any word yet when “Hoop Dee Doo Review”, “Cirque Du Soleil”, and “Fantasmic” will be available???


It was reported that casts were called back for HDDR and CdS.

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It was reported a while ago that Akershus Royal Banquet Hall would be reopening. What Happened?

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I never saw that reported.

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I know it was being used as a relaxation station

Nine Dragons in Epcot reopened today. I don’t remember them announcing a date for that one but they did update their menu last week.

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Fantasmic was rumoured to be opening by the end of this month.

But WDW are watching the Florida situation “closely” which could affect the evening shows.

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IIRC, all the “relaxation stations” have been closed


Thanks, I will miss them especially in the heat

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Maybe big changes to Akershus…
To counter people complaining about the Arendellization of Maelstrom, they’re renaming it:

Hrothgar’s Mead Hall of Despair & Death

Yes, folks the long awaited Beowulf restaurant.

Come join a gaggle of doomed warriors dining and dreading their imminent demise from the inevitable character greeting with Grendel and his mom.

As Hrothgar says “Enjoy the buffet… because you’re the dessert!”


You win the forum today!