Re-opening of Dinosaur?

We’re so disappointed that Dinosaur is scheduled for refurbishment through Fall 2016 as we’re going to DW in just a few days and my DS4 is crazy for dinosaurs. Do refurbishments ever finish earlier than scheduled?

I love that ride I was disappointed to see it will be closed for my trip too :frowning:

They do occasionally open a day or two before scheduled but nothing more than that. This is a pretty lengthy refurb for this attraction.

Has your son been on the Dinosaur ride before? If not, it may come as a small consolation that it might be too scary for him anyway. Of course it all depends on the kid, but even showing my 6yr old son (also a dinosaur junkie) the on-ride videos made him too scared to go on. Just a thought!

I was thinking that, too. I’ll keep telling myself that to feel better. Heh.

I didn’t even consider that but I think kwenner is right - Dinosaur is a little scary for a 4 year old. There are several “jump” scares throughout the ride and it’s a VERY dark ride for the most part.

Dinosaur is REALLY scary!! I was actually pretty frightened by it myself :fearful: and my DS7 is nowhere near ready for it. It has enough darkness, roughness and scares for a month of nightmares for the average 4-year-old.

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My oldest son was 4 the first time we went to Disney and rode Dinosaur. I had never been to Disney before (and didn’t do any homework) and assumed it would be like “Land Before Time” and it was much more “Jurassic Park”. Poor kid was so scared he literally wet himself on the ride. I bought the ride photo and I am smiling and laughing and his face is pure terror. Definitely a great ride, but depending on the child it might be better to wait anyhow.

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Thanks everyone for the input! In my head, I kept glossing over the scare factor but I think you are all correct in assuming that my 4 year old would’ve likely been terrified. I’ll just have an excuse to come back another year when he’s older! :stuck_out_tongue:


As an alternative for a young Dino fan I highly recommend the Boneyard area. My 6 year old granddaughter would have spent the entire afternoon running around there!

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I was thinking of the Boneyard but was worried that it would be too hot in the August heat. Anybody else braved the Boneyard at this time of year?

I just took my DD4 on dinosaur, and she thought it was a little bit fun but mostly scary. She thought the dinosaurs were real. I tried to tell her they were just big mechanical puppets but she still thinks at least some of them had to be real, and she didn’t want to give them a second chance to eat us. Not sure what that says about my parenting in general - that my four year old really thinks I would take her on a ride where she might or might not get eaten by a dinosaur. The rest of us love that ride and are bummed it will be closed when we head back…

I felt it was not super scary but is dark and very rough and bumpy. It hurts my neck a bit.