Re-opening news for WDW

@Nickysyme If you want to update this, there are a number of TS allowing booking for groups up to 8 and a handful that allow more than that. (I have booked several for 7.)

Here is what I was able to ferret out:

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Just a note that the following information is NOT correct. I called the number listed and was not able to have an AP park reservation pulled to make a resort guest park reservation, even though there was availability for AP holders.

"**March 2021 - if there are AP slots available but no resort guest slots, CMs at Ticketing Services can book park reservations for you from the AP pool. You have to call to do this. This number is one that has been successful:

Ticket specialist 407-566-4985**"


Welcome to the forum! I know it is a pain but did you try again? Sometimes it depends on who answers the phone.

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I will say that I have been told by numerous sources that if they are gone they are gone and there is no way for any CM at any level to override that.

But if you have an AP and there is availability that statement seems to say they can apply your AP to a resort stay?

Do they mean something else?

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Is that posted on the website?

No that was me adding that, based on experiences here, MO, the DIS and WDWMagic.

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This is in the situation there was before Spring Break and after, where there was AP availability but no resort guest availability.

In those situations CMs were booking AP holders a park slot, over-riding the resort guest priority so it pulled from the AP pool.


Ah. Gotcha

Thank you all! That makes more sense. I read it as CMs being able to pull an AP park reservation slot and apply it to a resort guest, if the resort guest reservations were full. Do they ever release some of the AP reservation slots for resort guests as the date gets closer? I’m looking for DHS for one day the first full week of June. If I can’t get it by my 31 day cancellation deadline (DVC), I’ll cancel and rebook for next year. DHS is the one park we haven’t been to since 2014, so it’s a must-do on our next trip.

I’ll modify the wording to clarify.

As for DHS, first thing is to try and book anyway, regardless of what the calendar says. They don’t wait until there are literally zero slots available before marking it as full … imagine someone coming along and wanting to book for his family of four and there were three slots left. It would show as available when checking, only to end in disappointment.

So go ahead and try. At any opportunity you can. Good luck!