Re-booking with!

Thanks to a heads up by @OBNurseNH on Lines…I was able to re-book the last leg of our flights and save $194.00! Thanks so much @OBNurseNH!! :money_mouth_face:

Now here is the problem…the agent said we would have to use these credits within one year since we didnt use points. Im pretty sure we will not be making another trip by then…Im trying to get creative, but Im clearly not SW savy! Would it be possible to cancel another leg of that same trip which we purchased with points and then re-book with the credit we just earned and make the rest up with cash?

Does anyone think this would work? I guess I would also have to figure out whether or not the new bookings end up costing more than the $194 we saved…ugh!

DH says I should just book everything and walk away before I drive myself even crazier…but I just have to tinker! :wink:

Thanks so much for any advice!!

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I don’t think this will work. It’s my understanding that you have 1 year to rebook from the date of the original reservation. For example, I booked my entire family on 9/14/17. I had to change the return leg flight for my parents to a different day because they decided to stay in Florida for a few extra days. On 1/17/18 I rebooked their return leg flight and it was for a this much cheaper return leg flight, so now they each have $90 credit with SW. They must use the $90 by 9/14/17- the day of the original booking.


You could get your points refunded and then book it with the savings. You would have to outright cancel and then rebook - but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

When I changed my trip from March to May - the airfare was actually cheaper and I did a version of this - saving my points for another time.

Just have to do the math!


$194 over how many people? If more than 2, then probably not worth it to change from points to cash most likely.

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Thank you for all of your thoughts so far!!

Just when I thought I was going to bite the bullet…for three people it would cost me an additional $196, but I would get back 32,000 points. BUT since I have early bird on those tickets…I would forfeit the $45.00 and then have to re-book early bird…now it would really cost me $286.00 for 32,000 points… I feel like I do not know enough about points to know whether or not I should even bother! UGH!!

Yes, it will work to cancel flights booked with points and rebook with the credit and cash. Like you said though, you will lose EB so that is another $45, which totals $241, it is only $15 per person each way (unless this is a round trip leg?), you have used $30 per person. For me…I would probably do it. 32,000 points back would get me to Disneyland 3 separate times, and they don’t expire. That’s one step closer to getting back to Disney sooner.

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Ha! I like the way you think! Another trip is always the ultimate end game!! :airplane:

I think Im going to go for it…the leg I am looking at changing hasn’t dropped in price…so now to wait or not to wait…that is the question…for the moment anyway!

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Glad your parents saved so much!! Nice!

So glad it all worked out for you!!

So hard to tell! Wish I could get a handle on all of this!!

We rebooked and saved $160 on our last trip. The bummer is that we only have until May 18th to use the credits and we are unable to travel before then :-1:

Oh, that stinks!!!