Re-book in September or wait?

We had to cancel our May 1 trip and rescheduled for the 3rd week of September to take advantage of the free dining deal. We have traveled to Disney several times the first week of May and it can be really hot then. Other trips were in March or October. We have always avoided the summer because of the heat. We are traveling with DD7 and DS (will be 14 months then). How bad is the heat compared to the beginning of May? We know to go in the morning and take breaks in the afternoon. We also have much greater chance for rain then too (nevermind that it is hurricane season). Now I am re-thinking September and wondering if we should go later in the year. We were hoping to have lower crowds then to offset the heat/rain. Obviously any prediction of crowds is up in the air at this point. I would love to hear your experience traveling September.

We always go in May or October - hoping September is similar (not worse). We’re also going the third week.

Sept is generally lows in the middle 70s and highs in the upper 80s, but could have 10 degree swings either way.

I was thinking about rebooking to Sept. WHO KNOWS what the crowds will be, nothing is predictable now. It can be hot . October used to be my favorite month but not anymore, except for MNSsHP. I still haven’t canceled my 2nd week of May vacation. I keep saying I want to believe though in my heart I know.

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I did the third week of September last year; we tgought the weather perfect (at the time, our comparison was going in July :hot_face:) Only main risk is Hurricanes.

And the way 2020 has been rocking out the disasters, I’m already bracing myself for a hard hurricane season on the Gulf Coast…

Can we return 2020 for a new year? Has someone read the fine print on that???


You just never know what the weather will bring. We went last October, last week and endured record breaking heat all but the last day. A CM said that it was the hottest Halloween in 90 years.

I had friends that were there too and they were woefully under prepared. Hadn’t brought a single pair of shorts with them!!

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I love going in Sept., but it’s hurricane season. I can usually find a good deal and lower crowds, but have had one trip cancelled by a hurricane and another very wet trip. When it goes smoothly it’s, IME, the best time to go - School is in session and there are no holiday travelers.

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Ha ha, we were all prepared with shorts except DH who had packed sweatpants. Maybe this year he will shop for some shorts before our December trip, if it ends up happening.

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We were there this past December and had to pack (and use) everything from bathing suits to heavy coats with gloves and hats!

I looked. All I found was this:


But maybe if we call Disney? It seems to be working for some people on non-refundable travel?

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CNN is reporting an above-normal 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season