Re-activated park hopper ticket with Max Pass --> Automatic Genie +?

Hey all, linking up my brother’s ticket to our party today and we noticed he has his 5 day park hopper still showing Max Pass. We had planned a family trip with him joining us for August 2020 and of course that all went to pot and had all bought 5 day PH w MP. I had at the time got a refund for my tickets but he hadn’t gotten to it and his solo ticket technically expired. Disney of course was happy to light it back up again for him with our rescheduled trip which is great but curious if he will get Genie + instead of Max Pass or it’s just a novelty of his ticket now?

Anyone ran into this? I couldn’t find any posts to suggest one way or the other.

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That is a very unusual situation and unfortunately no one on this board likely has encountered that issue as we have a small group that does Disneyland. But Lines Chat probably will get a better response if you want to use the Touring Plans Disneyland App.

My guess is that you will need Guest Services to transfer your ticket from MaxPass to Genie+. The system might have a seizure when you try to tap in. :joy:

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Before Genie+ you could get a refund at a ticket booth for the MP cost (however the photo portion remained active). But have not heard about anybody using a ticket with MP in a long time. Maybe try chatting via DL app or call to ask before the trip.

Cool thanks for the replies! I was figuring that would likely be the plan but figured I’d check here with the experienced folks. I’ll get him to send a note.