RDing SDD and predicted wait times

Today’s predictions at CL 6:

Tomorrow’s predictions at CL8:

Sunday’s CL 8 prediction:

How can the CL 8 predictions at 9am for SDD be so completely different?

I have March 12 booked and this is the prediction:

That’s also a CL 8 and they are saying 30 mins even at 10am for SDD. When I hear of the crowds that are rushing for TSL I’m aghast and I’m wondering how this can be true. How can today’s CL 6 have a wait time at 9am of 67mins, but two days from now, a higher CL has a wait time at 9am of 27 mins?

Can I build a plan for Mar 12 around a wait time of 30mins if I RD SDD? Can I really ride it twice in the morning? This isn’t making logical sense to me. I’m at the point of just saying I need to have faith in the Plan.

That looks off to me… I’d plan to be there early, and book it to Slinky. If you do that you’ll probably have less than a 30 min wait, but it will build quickly. Because Slinky is so new, I don’t think the wait time data is complete yet…

That’s what I was thinking, but all our plans are based on these timings, so what’s up?

What does your plan for DHS look like?

It’s very strange. I don’t know if I can trust it. It’s a work in progress, for sure.

Mar 12

Honestly the only thing that looks unreasonable there is the second SDD. I would just not plan for that. But if you get to DHS 45 min to an hour before, you should be able to pull off the first one to be sure. I’d do SDD and if you get out earlier than planned (and that’s definitely doable if you get to the park 45-60 min before park opening and book it at rope drop) and the standby line is less than 60 posted, go on again (Disney inflates wait times quite a bit). Otherwise head right for TSM.

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Seriously? I hope you’re right. I can’t wait to see the March adjustments, and yet, I’m scared of them. I don’t have SDD or FOP FPs. It is what it is, though. This will probably be our last trip, so I am determined to make it a good one, whether we ride all the rides or not. :slight_smile:

We are going to HS on March 13 and are doing the EMM but our reason more has to do with how many times we can ride TSMM, we will do SDD 1 or 2 times and not Alien Swirl.
I have noticed that somethings seem a bit off but I also remember that at RD, you have the big rush to get to a ride or area and them there is a drop normally, then it goes up. Len talked about this on a video they did for MK to ride 7DMT and what the difference was from RD, to being a little bit latter, to latter and so on, about 15 minutes apart, if I remember and it was very interesting as the times didn’t continue to go up but would go up then there was a drop. I think the same thing is happening here at SDD.
The times can change when the updates come out

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