RDing a ride other than "the new hotness"

We’re planning on RDing DHS for morning EMH. I know people say you should arrive an hr. before opening to RD SDD, but how early should we arrive if we want to do ST or TSM or AS2?

I’d say 30 mins for TSM or AS2, 5 minutes for ST.

In July we were essentially able to walk on TSM AFTER riding SDD (5-10 minute wait tops - didn’t really hit any line resistance until past Mr. Potato Head). Unless the crowd dynamics have changed radically since then, I wouldn’t expect much of a wait for TSM at all and you’ll be fine for the entire first hour. So I’d hit AS2 when you arrive and then TSM which will still have short lines…

We RD’d SDD in the madhouse that it was last week. We arrived at HS and thru taps by 820. We rode SDD first (crowd was led to the queue at 850) and then TSMM and were done with both by 915. AS2 had a very short line at that time but we decided not to ride. I would guess you could do all three (TSM, AS2, and ST) in that order in less than an hour arriving just before RD (845 ish). CL was a 3