RD Wait Times at MK after Ticketed EMM

Has anyone been to MK at RD, immediately following the ticket-only EMM (7:45-9:00)? How does it affect RD wait times? We’re planning to hit 7 Dwarfs or Peter Pan right away, but with people already in the park for EMM, I’m wondering if lines will start long (e.g. 30 min or more). Note: I’m not talking about EMH (8-9 am) for resort guests. Thanks!!

It won’t add much. I wouldn’t worry about it. I think the cap of tickets is 200. If they sell 200 tickets, those 200 ppl will NOT be in line for 7d at 9:15 am. I can guarantee that. Most of the emm reports are that most of the open rides are “walk on” during the event. While not MK, I did the EMM at Hollywood in November, and I rarely even saw anyone during the event at the most popular attractions that were open.

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Thanks Seebee! That makes sense.