RD Strategy for MK

I have a 7:50 ADR for The Wave at CR. Will we have enough time to eat before heading to RD (park opens at 9AM so they start letting people in at 8:30?)? Or should we just use the ADR to get onto the resort with our Uber and then head straight to RD?

MK has been opening more like 40-45 minutes before official opening, I believe. Randall posted that the MK gates had just opened at 8:19am this morning for a 9am posted opening.

If you arrive at 7:30am and get seated early, maybe you’d have time to eat really quickly? If you really want to be through at RD, I’d skip the ADR.

Agree that if you want to be at the very front of the pack, the ADR might not get you there fast enough. In December, our Wave ADR was at 7:40, got seated on time, service was pretty fast, and we were still a bit behind where we wanted to be and the SDMT line was wrapped around almost to Little Mermaid already.

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Wow. Did you wait in that line? I’m curious how long it took when that long.

We did. Checked some pic timestamps, and looks like we entered MK about 8:25, got to the end of SDMT line about 8:35, and off ride about 9:15, so about 35 min line, and if I remember right, the posted was 50. Not great, but not bad enough where I thought we’d be better off doing it later, so bit the bullet since we were there already.


That’s not bad. I’m used to the FP days where a stand-by line that long would mean hours. I was wondering how no FP changes the speed on the line. Seems like a big difference.

Plus the lines are socially distanced, so they’re much longer for a given number of parties.


And just remembered, we had a few minutes shaved off our wait because there were no other 2’s ahead of us, and a CM went down the line until he got to us to skip ahead and take the last seats. That happened a few times on our trip that wouldn’t have with the whole fam.

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Thank you! We will skip breakfast and head straight to RD. Very helpful.

Thank you! This was helpful. We are going to skip The Wave and just head to RD.

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