RD strategy for HS help!

Will be at HS 11-21 9-9 park hours and then again 11-24 with EMH 7-8 and 8-10 park Hours. What should be my RD strategy? My FP for Tier 1 are RR on my first day 9:35-10:35 and on the second day Tier 1 SDD FP isn’t until 5:00 that evening. Hoping to modify but what should be my plan for the morning?

Until RotR opens, I think there are 3 viable options at RD.

Option #1: RD MIllenium Falcon.
The most popular one.
You’ll have to arrive probably 60-75 minutes before park opening to be near the front of the crowd and the walk can be unpleasant.
However, the wait for Millenium Falcon is not that prohibitive in the evening.
So if you can’t make it very early at the park, you’re better to RD elsewhere, because the highest wait time for Millenium Falcon during the day is for those arriving in line at the end of the RD crowd.

Option #2: RD Slinky Dog Dash (followed by TSMM and/or AS2 and/or the Meet & Greet in Toy Story Land).
You’ll have to arrive probably 45-60 minutes before park opening to be near the front of the crowd, but the walk is not as unpleasant as Millenium Falcon.
It should be your option if you want to ride SDD at least twice during your trip.

Option #3: RD RnRC and ToT
If you like thrill rides, you could get 2 rides each of RnRC and ToT with low crowds.
If you arrive 20 minutes before park opening, you should be “ok”.

EMH will see a lighter crowd, but I would still arrive early.

My family will be at HS that same day! I think we are going to try to RD SDD because we didn’t get a FPP for it. We have reservations for droid, lightsaber, and ogas for later- so going to try to do TSL the first part of the morning.

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Awesome info! Thank you! @OncleBoum

Oh fun! @cassandra3d

I’ll be there with my wife on the 21st as well. We are planning on RD SDD as we did not get a FP for it. We got FP for TSM at like 9:30, so hopefully hit SDD, then hit FP for TSM. We will do SGE later in the afternoon, as I’ve heard lines for Smuggler’s run are not as bad later in the day.

One of my favorite blogs, easywdw.com, did a series on this topic just last week. They’ve been going to DHS for RD each day now that EEMH are over.





I encourage you to look through their posts about RD strategies for all the parks. I find them to be as accurate, maybe more so, than TP. They are in the parks each week and are pretty meticulous about documenting the wait times.


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That’s what I was thinking was best to do. Thank you!