First trip to WDW is coming up March 15-20, 2020 with perfect 10 of 10 CLs expected at HS. I have 2 days planned at HS with no FP+ for any of the Tier 1 attractions. On these 2 days I have one with kids and the other adults only. I would like to RD SDD on the day with kids and rope drop MFSR the other day. I also want to get a RotR BG one of the days. I have NEVER done a RD. Questions: 1) How soon before park opening do I need to be at the park to not have to wait more than 20 mins either day for either attraction, when also considering I want the RotR BG on one of those days. 2) Where are the RD’s physically located? Will it be obvious as I enter the parks? 3) For the kids day, we plan on RD-ing SDD, using our 3 FPs and then going back to the pool. Any advice on if we should modify this plan based on the insane morning crowds at HS?

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Definitely plan to try for a BG on both days to give yourself better chances of getting one. (If you get one on the first day, I’d suggest not getting one the second day to give someone else a turn.)

I have heard recommended 90 min before opening for SDD and MFSR. On Jan 7 (CL7), we were at HS 35 min before a 7am opening. We were in the MFSR briefing room at 8:11am. (We had plenty of HS time scheduled so had decided the extra hour of sleep was a valid trade off for the longer wait).

There will be plenty of CM around telling you which way to go to RD which rides or just ask any of them. When we were there, there were also huge screens at the split between Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land.

With RDing and kids, a midday break back at the hotel is a good choice. One RD ride, 3 FP, maybe work in a show or two and it’s a well utilized morning that won’t be too impacted by the CL.

Keep trying to modify your FP to get Tier 1s. Peoples plans do change.

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