RD Rise of the Resistance and SWGE?

Going early/mid December. Park opening time is 9am. How early should we get to HS to rope drop SWGE rides? What are RD crowds looking like?

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Others have recommended arriving at least 60 minutes and preferably 90 minutes early. If you are there December 5th on opening day of RotR, you may need to arrive even earlier, so I suggest choosing another day.

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And to add, I would expect there to be more extra EMH for the Rise of the Resistance opening.

For the time being, I would be flexible with your plans so you can adapt according to whatever they decide to do nearer the time.

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Right around the opening should definitely be more busy, then it will peobably ease up a bit until dec 19th-20th or so when the christmas crowds are already present.

For the opening of the land, I’ve understood the crowds eased up very quickly, but this is of course a bit different with both rides now open. Still, based on what it has looked like til now, I doubt it will be wall to wall people during for example dec 10th-20th.

We just came home from Disney and we rope dropped SWGE. We got up at 4:15am and were outside waiting for the shuttle at 4:45am. The first one came at 4:56am and we were in line for bag check by about 5:10am. By 5:30am, we were heading through ticket check and by 5:45 we were being led back to GE. Right at 6am they allowed us into the land. No one was pushing to shoving or anything wild. MY hubs, son and FIL got in line and were able to ride and THEN do rider switch with me all by 7am. That’s 2 rides (but keep in mind the second time was through the fast pass lane because of our rider swap). Not too bad.
Also, we then headed right to Slinky Dog (rode that in about 20 mins) and then Toy Story Mania (in about 10 mins). Easy and awesome!

My experience last week was I got to the park alone at 7:30 and was able to walk on to Tower of Terror twice, R’n’R Coaster once, meet up with my wife at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset at 8:30 to get to Midway Mania for a 2 minute wait, then get to Smuggler’s Run just at 9:00 for a 30 minute wait. All of those plus Slinky Dog were pushing 60 minute waits later in the day. so even just a little early start helped a lot.

After Rise of the Resistance opens I’d expect it to get most of the early traffic at least initially.

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