RD or Pre-RD ADR?

I was just wondering what everyone’s preference is for either doing RD or Pre-RD ADRs? Would you rather do one over the other if so why or does it matter what park. If the park matters what parks would you rather do a Pre-RD ADR and which would you rather just do RD.

Just trying to determine if we want to do Pre-RD ADRs or not. I actually have several reserved but not sure I want to keep them.

Thanks in advance. Also going to ask on lines and see what they have to say too.

The great thing about Pre-RD ADR’s is that you’re using non park time to eat. You’re getting your meal time done before anything in the park is open, that way when it does open you are in the park and ready to start your touring plans ahead of the mass crowds.
Right at RD you’ll get the most done because lines are still fairly short.
I’ve only ever done Pre-RD ADR at MK and loved it! I don’t know what a pre-RD ADR is like at any of the other parks. At MK I was done breakfast by 8:30 and the park didn’t open until 9am which gave me lots of time to grab photos of a very empty park and then before 10am I had 7 rides under my belt (BTMR x 4, 7DMM x2, Splash x 1)
This is totally just my experience though :slight_smile:

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I think it depends on the park and the time of year. For example, right now people have enjoyed a pre RD GG ADR, but what good will that do when Soarin is closed? I have also heard that there may be issues with the new RD routine at HS although isn’t the Jedi Training sign iOS right next to H & V now? I loved my BOG pre RD ADR.

One big problem with pre-RD ADRs is that they often become RD or post-RD ADRs when WDW updates its operating hours. If your goal for the day is to make the most out of the first hours at a park, then breakfast ADRs are probably not the way to go. Either that, or be prepared to cancel your ADRs if the parks open earlier than initially scheduled.

That was what I had been initially worried about. Our trip is the beginning of February so I am just watching the hours to see what changes and then I will keep or drop what ever Pre-RD ADRs we happen to have.

Thanks for all the input everyone!