RD Navi River

Are they still allowing you in AK earlier than posted time (not an EMH morning)? I’m trying to plan one of my AK days, with RD Navi, then heading to Safari and then back to FOP for a 9:15-10:15 FP. When I plug it in TP to plan my day, I am not off Navi til 9:30.

Plan to get to AK 45-60 before open.

We will be there next Friday. Park opens at 9am and we also have a 9:15am FP for FOP.

I ended up taking Na’vi off my TP thinking that they weren’t taking into account that we would be there before 9am…

I plan to be at AK by 8:00 or 8;15am and we will go straight to Na’vi as soon as they let us in, and then proceed to use our FOP FP. I figure it will be easier to just stay in Pandora and finish both instead of backtracking.

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Thanks, I will take Navi out of my plan. I would probably go right to KS, but I believe they don’t open 9, so Navi kills some time before we head over there.

We like to do Safari twice, I have a 10:15 FP for it. So that’s why I have us going from Navi to KS and then back to FOP.

We are doing the Safari on Monday evening and then again late on Friday morning…we have FPs for both times. :slight_smile:

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I have FOUR AK days planned for our 13 day stay (can you tell we love it!) And like to do the safari at least twice each day. I am hoping to snag an evening FP for it at least one or two days.

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We only have 6 full days. We are doing one evening and one morning at AK.

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FWIW we were at AK last month and arrived just a few minutes before park opening (we went through the tapstiles at 8:55 for a 9 am opening). The mass of people had already been let in and we walked over to Pandora and walked right onto NRJ with absolutely no wait (I’m guessing everyone went to FOP). The ride was about 5 minutes long. We could have ridden again because there was still no one in line when we were finished.


We had the same experience as @Dreamer last week. We arrived at the turnstiles 15 minutes before the park opened and walked straight on to NRJ. It was posted as a 10 minute wait, but again, we walked right on.