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Anyways we will be using G+ and ILL for 7DMT and SM plus will ride late night (these are my DD8’s favorites). I’m struggling to figure out a good use of ETPE RD. I’d prefer to spend our early morning hours in Adventureland but that’s not listed as part of ETPE. Is there a good strategy for getting a few things done elsewhere and then what time should we head over to Adventureland? I’m aiming to start our G+ selections with BTMR or JC. I’m not against RD SM to get our adrenaline going either! Thank you.

ETPE is basically Fantasyland & Tomorrowland only.

Personally, and from the news I see, your best bet is to start getting on those Fantasyland rides. Those queues will build as soon as the park opens as they are the “all ages” rides.

From there, I’d RD JC. This has been my RD strategy from years. The left side of MK, Adventureland / Frontierland, doesn’t fill as fast. Plus, the JC queue is terrible. It’s all outdoors and gets hot early. Also, with the popularity of the movie the wait time as doubled or more versus previous years.



Wondering the same. We’re not doing Pooh or Dumbo and it feels like a waste of a good RD to do IASW or Teacups when we’ll probably be able to grab a close LL for then during the day. Wish they’d open Adventureland and Frontierland during ETPE.

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WDW is doing what DLR has been doing for years… Those are the only sections they open and G+ is Maxpass…lol… :crazy_face:

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I’d RD SM, then head to Pan. That queue gets long early as well. Or, do Buzz or Peoplemover while you are in Tomorrowland. Then line up for RD at the Tangled Restrooms choke point and book it to JC.


It’s what WDW has done for years for EMH. It has always been just fantasyland and tomorrowland. I have fond memories of times visiting with DW before kids, booking it to SM at EMH rope drop (I may or may not have once accidentally collided with a 12 year old), and then hitting most of FL before lining up for general RD and then booking it to BTM and Splash.


Yes, the mob is headed to 7DMT so best to avoid that tbh. We really enjoyed doing all the “all ages” rides during EE. (Astro orbiter, Tea cups, dumbo, barnstormer, Pooh, small world, carousel.). No doubt you may also be able to fit in space mountain as the rope drop to tomorrowland was way more tame.


Thanks I was wondering where they hold the EPTE folks back before opening up the park!

It’s so awesome that you were able to get so much done before! The 30 minutes they give you now doesn’t seem like much at all. We’re going to aim for JC LL so I don’t have to worry about that line.

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Thanks all for the suggestions! I’m going to watch MDE and see what the trends are. If they look good we will try SM to PP then see if we can do a couple more things before crossing the park for the morning by the tangled bathrooms. We will be at MK midweek so I’m hoping the crowd level won’t be terrible despite it being in December.

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Crowds were so much less back then too. We’re talking 2004 (when we honeymooned in Disney and had absolutely no idea what we were doing) to 2010 (by which time we were Disney veterans and fastpass ninjas, all while using early versions of the lines app…)

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