RD MK - what to do?

We have FPs for SDMT, Space and BTMRR. We are used to running for Space because my mom would come with us and she liked Buzz, which we FPed instead. Well, this year, mom’s not coming ( :frowning: ), so I changed up the FPs. What should I do at RD now? Do I double up on Space? SDMT? BTMRR? Or hit Buzz a couple of times before moving on?

What would you do?

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I often hit Buzz first thing. But why not create a custom touring plan with all the things you want to see, and let the optimizer tell you what the best first attraction is?

I do that and it often says things that I can fit in somewhere else. I’m not getting there at RD to ride Carousel of Progress first.

Maybe I should just go for PP and cut my losses. It’s just that I have teen boys. PP isn’t their goto ride. And, of course, their answer when I asked which they wanted to do twice was, “whatever you want, mom” Argh, lol.

What about Splash Mountain? It gets long lines during the day so a good one to hit first. Also, not the first attraction for most. Cons: being wet at the stat of the day and long duration of the ride (it will take up your first 15-20 minutes of the day even if you walk right on).

Buzz is a decent idea if your group loves to re-ride it and is obsessed with getting a better score. The short duration means you will probably get multiple rides in with virtually no wait.

PP is a good RD because the ride duration is so short. You could ride it and hoof it over to Splash with a reasonably short wait at Splash I expect.

Pirates and Jungle Cruise are on the long side in terms of ride duration and are usually available as Day-Of FPs.



Seriously, if you love Space so much, why not rope drop it and ride it twice? Everything else is often available with same-day FPs except 7DMT and Peter Pan. So if you plan to do Peter Pan at all, I’d rope drop that. If you don’t care to see that one, skip it and do Buzz or Space. Or, you could grab Jungle Cruise or Haunted Mansion, so that you could knock out one of those without having to look for a same-day FP.