RD MFSR after FP change - how long?

We’re heading to HS on Feb 19th, the first day of FP for MFSR. I wasn’t able to get a FP, which is fine… but also I promised my kids a Droid and thought there would be more options but the only time available is 9am.

Do you think it’s at all possible to Rope Drop MFSR at 8am and make it to the Droid Depot for 9am?

Thanks for your input!

Welcome! Ask anything & often! :smiley:

If you can get to the park at least one hour in advance and get to the front of the pack you should be fine. (It might be a one hour queue if you get behind the crowd, but you should still make it to your reservation. Just be ready to “walk with a purpose” at RD)

If trying to get a RotR BG at RD - try to walk and type.

You do have a “late arrival” window of 15 minutes to your Droid Depot reservation too.

Great! That helps calm my anxiety! :grinning: