RD Hws

We got to WDW in the New Year. Wondering about rope drop at HWS. If you can’t get a FPP for SDD would you rope drop Toy Story land or Star wars land? We want to see both… Also it is saying now that there are EMH from 8am-9am which we would utilize…
Thanks for your help!

Took me a minute to figure out HWS meant HS! :slight_smile:

It depends on what you mean by “rope drop”. If you mean get to the park about 1 1/2 hours to an hour before park opening, then maybe RD TSL or SWGE. After the New Year, I expect MOST people will be rope dropping SWGE to get to ROTR, which means the lines in TSL will PROBABLY be slightly less…so I’d head there first. Do SWGE in the afternoon when the lines drop slightly. I think TSL lines will likely build as the day moves on as people migrate from SWGE into TSL.

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