RD Frontierland...is this right?

I’m planning on RDing Frontierland on a CL4 day and TP is telling me it will take me an hour to do BTMRR and Splash…am I missing something?
I was under the assumption I could probably knock both of these out before 9:30. Thoughts?

I do not think there is any way you could do both before 9:30. As noted in your plan, Splash is an 18 minute ride. An hour seems reasonable .


You’ll shave a little time off BTMRR if you are at the front of the pack for rope drop. I think you’ll probably get to ride about 9:05AM, finish that around 9:15AM and get in line for Splash. Then it will just depend on how many people wanted to ride Splash first. If it’s a cool morning (don’t know what dates you’ll be there), people might avoid it first thing and keep the line a little shorter. But even with no wait, as @PrincipalTinker says, it’s an 18 minute ride, so you won’t be off before 9:30AM.

If it’s a hot day, I like to ride Splash first so that the wind from riding BTMRR will dry me off if I happened to get soaked.

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You’re extremely unlikely to be off Splash before 9:30 - more like 9:45 if you’re near the front of the BTM pack, and even that may be optimistic. I would keep the rides the order you have them now though. By the time you get off Splash you could wait for BTM a good half hour if you’re unlucky. There’s usually only one side operating at park open, so the lines for BTM build quickly.


Agree with all the above. If you haven’t seen it already, check out easywdw’s article about RD Frontierland. It’ll help explain BTMR capacity and how to really do that side of the park pretty smoothly

Part One:

Part Two:

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Yes, along these lines, keep in mind that TP doesn’t factor in time you save by Rope Dropping. It assumes you are entering the park at opening (unless you put the Welcome Show at the beginning of yoru plan).

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Hey, sorry to side track… So, TP says Splash Mountain is 18 min ride length. Is that accurate? Or does that take into account other things, like boarding the ride and exiting? Seems longer than what I’d expect.
wdwinfo has similar info available and says Splash is an 11 min ride, which seems closer to what I remember.

That sounds more realistic for the actual ride part, but the 18 minutes may be close to how long it takes including boarding, and walking out the edit

Splash…18 min in length…as long as 7DMT…LOL

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That’s part of what I was getting at with my original post. I’m not one to doubt the data gurus at TP, but 18 min seems longer than I remember. The combo between a 17 min wait before 9:30 on a CL4 day and the 18 min ride after a 17 min wait for a total of 35 min from the time I get in line to the time I’m on my way to the next ride is what gave me pause in the first place.

Thanks for the responses everyone.

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The “actual ride” i.e. from when the log starts moving until you get back out of it again, is 12 minutes.