RD FoP with RS + stroller

So I know how RS works. And I know that i need to park the stroller. However, does any one have tips or “do nots” when trying to RD FoP when I need to do a rider swap and I have to park a stroller?

Basically, I don’t want “tons” of people passing us up when trying to get a RS FPP and/or park the stroller.

Anyone had to do that before? Any advice is great. Thanks!

My understanding of RS is that you get it put on your magic band at the time the first adult gets in the queue. So you’d be standing at the entrance and you could keep the child in the stroller.
So if you’re going to RD RS FOP & Navi (which is what we would do), we would all go to the queue, get RS put on my band, DH would enter queue. I would park the stroller and take DS2 on Navi. Then we would wait for him to finish the ride.

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We just did this recently. No need to park the stroller. You can all walk up together til you hit person doing rider swap. Then my husband kept kids and got his band scanned and I rode first. And there will be people that pass you but I still had only a short wait. My husband was able to take the kids on Navi twice before we met up to switch then I did Navi with them which by then we about a 10-15 minute wait.


We did it too. Not only is it not necessary, but I would actually advise against parking the stroller. It will slow you down quite a bit and they need to see the kiddo anyway. When we did FoP RS in December, it was a separate station right across from the stroller parking. (not the FP station), so if you really wanted to park the stroller, you could do it immediately after you’re issued the RS and queue up for standby.

Great advice. I accidentally meant to post a diff question about riding SDD at RD with stroller (everyone can ride) and parking the stroller. Yep, you guys are right about not parking stroller. my bad. late in the day. long weekend :slight_smile:

@love2plan and @apolloAndy so how much time should i budget for all this? e.g. if park opens at 9am and they “go to the wire” before letting people into the queue, would i be done by 9:30 or more like 10:00?

i like the idea of riding navi with younger kids. thanks.

FoP has a super long walk and preshow. I think the turnaround is probably well north of 20 minutes per party and any kind of wait or slop (potty break in between swapping etc.) will put you at 10:00.