RD @ Epcot > TT or Soaring

Getting ready for trip. Should I do FP to soaring and go to TT @ RD or FP to TT and go to soaring @RD. Going 8/26 - 9/3. CL for the day I plan to go is 3 at Epcot :thinking::thinking:… Help lol

We have done Epcot both ways! And either way is a good plan.

For our family (who do not use Single Rider at TT), I think the best plan is to get a FP for Test Track and ride Soarin at RD. We have been able to ride Soarin multiple times at RD before during the last week of August before.

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Being that Soarin’ will be running a new film starting 6/17/2016, it will be more popular than it has been in recent times. (even though it has always been incredibly popular, it will be even more so now!)
So, hit Soarin’ at RD, and try to get a FP for TT as far in advance of your trip as possible.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the help. I guess I will do soaring RD n FP to TT.

TT is really not that much of a draw for me so I often skip it. But on trips when I am doing both, I hit Soarin’ at RD and get a FPP for TT.Soarin’ will have 3 theaters running by then, so I imagine the lines will be a bit more tolerable - especially at RD. Something else to keep in mind… Frozen Ever After will be open by then, and it is also a Tier 1 FPP. Predictions are that SB lines for that will be crazy from opening to closing, so if that’s something that you really want to do, you’d probably be best off getting the FPP for that and hitting both TT and Soarin’ as SB.

For now, I’m pretty sure Soarin is going to be more popular, because people will want to see the new film. Since Test Track also offers a single rider line and has more to look at in the standby queue, I’d be more willing to ride that without FPP. There’s also a pretty good chance with the new Frozen ride occupying a lot of people’s FPP selections that I think you’ll be able to get a TT FPP in the morning after riding Soarin.

At some point, with the increased capacity of the third Soarin theater this strategy may change, but it’ll be awhile before the novelty of the new attraction wears off.

Good point about FEA. That will be drawing a lot of people there at RD, and sucking up FPP quickly! So that could leave Soarin at RD pretty empty.

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[quote=“adamwsh, post:7, topic:24058”]
So that could leave Soarin at RD pretty empty[/quote]
I wouldn’t count on “empty”, but it should divert some of the crowds!

Yeah. “empty” was too strong a word.

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