RD Epcot on morning EMH?

Our Epcot day has morning EMH 8-9AM and we are planning to take advantage of it. Do we need to employ a full RD strategy and arrive earlier than 8AM to ride Soarin’ with a short wait? Or will EMH thin out the crowd a bit so if we show up at 8-8:10, we’ll be ok?
CL8 is predicted on Mon Jan 6, but I’d be shocked if it’s that high. Last year, that Monday was an actual CL4 at Epcot, without all the construction/closures it has this year.

It depends on if you don’t mind waiting about 20 - 30 minutes to ride. The issue is that with so few options available until 11am, due to the construction, that the few rides get a decent queue.

20 - 30 minutes seems to be about the average queue time right now at that time of day. It’s really up to you to decided if you want to get to the park 30 minutes early to walk on at RD or get there 10 minutes after opening and possibly wait 30 minutes in a queue.

Yeah… I don’t believe that one either. The historical average, with all the rides & attractions still open, is a CL6 at Epcot that week.

If I was taking my family to Epcot, on this date, I wouldn’t rush to RD. There’s so little to do, other than World Showcase, at Epcot right now I’d be fine with showing up late and still having plenty of time to do everything.


I agree. I never see the point of morning EMH at EP.


Thanks for your thoughts! We do have kids with us so an extra 30-40 minutes in the AM is huge. We also have two early days at MK that week, so trying to save where I can. Epcot seems like the safest bet :slight_smile:

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