RD confession this weekend, an fun analogy

Thought this was a fun and funny analogy.

Planned on RDing confession this weekend because I had an “ADR” at 4pm. Confession is from 3-430pm. So planned on leaving the house at 2:20pm to get in line early. Had delays getting my oldest son. He was in his room. Wife and I were taking 2 cars because going different places afterwards. Since I did not want her to deal with finding him, I delayed myself and 7 other kids to get him downstairs and in the garage. I left with 7 kids and then my wife with eldest. I started driving off. forgot phone. Turned back around to house. Wife passed me.

Finally got to church. I saw were I WOULD HAVE been (at least in front of my wife), but alas I behind a a bunch more people.

Then, normally they started let people confessing early (before 3) but nobody was there until just before 3. On top of that, only 1 confessional was “working”. Thankfully, another priest arrived and both confessionals were fully operational. I ended up waiting 75 minutes from start to finish. (Takes awhile anyhow because 8 of us go).

So it reminded me of when I go to WDW. My takeaways

  • You might (will) forget things
  • People sometimes take longer even though they know the plan
  • Just because they let people in early all the time, doesn’t make it going to happen when you do
  • ride breakdowns occur and delays happen. Nothing you can do
  • Waiting 60min for SDD doesn’t seem so bad now

Hope this brings a smile :slight_smile:




Only the other way around :fire::fire:

although I could call the office a scheduled a pre-selected time.

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180 days out, though, right?

Gotta say, I was disappointed in this post. I thought you were going to confess your deepest, darkest sins to US. :smiley:

Well, there’s a reason they built a highway to hell but only a stairway to heaven :grin:

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I wasn’t sure where it was going from the title, I thought it was going to be a confession about not rope-dropping.


But what did your personalized TP say the wait would be?

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Probably nailed it, that’s why the attempt to RD


lol… at least a line up means you have a lot of faithful in your church. Ours is usually a walk-in before mass and the only line-ups are just before Christmas. Each to his own conscience, I guess, lol.

Anyway, so true about making sure everything is organized especially for RD.

By the way, I like to RD Costco. Best parking is first thing in the morning. Sure, you miss the lunchtime samples, but if you’re lucky, they’re finished stocking the floor early and you can get in early.

Apropos of almost nothing, just occurred to me they should think about putting ToT drop elevators in the confessionals.

Might make one think twice about reoffending if after you get your novena assignment they drop you a couple of times nearer to the place that shall not be named before sending us on our way. :smiley: