RD at waterparks

I often see questions about importance of RD at the waterparks. Well, from our experience this week it is as important as at any other park. At typhoon lagoon we made Rd and dis all the rides in one hour, leaving lots of time for the wave pool and lazy river. At BB we arrived 50 minutes after RD and it took us 2 hours to do 4 rides!

I agree. When we went to Blizzard Beach you cold get the most done at rope drop and then the last two to three hours the park is open. Summit Plummit was walk on the last hour of operation.

Agreed! Rope drop is as important for Water park as it is for other parks. I've also heard that it tends to empty out later in the day too though.

Either RD or during/after a rainstorm. We were at TL on one of the rainy days from the August 2012 hurricane. We walked onto everything.

Different experience here a few Fridays ago. Not walk on at all at RD.

Just returned from 7 day trip. 3 half days at water parks. 2 done at rope drop, got all main slides in 2-3 times and by 11:00 long lines every where. Other half day, got to TL at 4:30 still very busy, by 5:30 everyone started leaving, giving us more than enough time to enjoy with very little wait on almost everything.

Thank you! Seems end of day is great for low waits

We had the same experience at TL. Rd @ 9 and did everything by 10:15 including shark reef. Left around 12:30 as the crowds poured in and the lines were crazy.

Jealous! I was hoping to do that. No luck. Made RD but was trapped in long lines all day.

We had great success last summer at TL following end of a rainstorm. One of nicest memories of that trip. Hoping for a repeat when we hit WDW in a couple of weeks time.
We did BB at RD and it was much more crowded.

Nice benefit of the WP and more ticket!