RD at HS for 6am Opening

Anyone done the 6am opening at HS? We are going next week and plan to arrive before/at 6am opening to get a RoTR boarding pass but wondering what rides we should aim for… We have FPs for Star Tours, and TSM and Frozen (6, 8, and 9am respectively) so we can pick up some others after that. We have a 12, 10, and 8 year old and they aren’t thrill seekers (they don’t care to ride TOT and RnR). Do we head to Toy Story Land or Star Wars Land to ride Smugglers Run at RD? Not sure how many families will be showing up at 6am and what makes the most sense given our ages of kids.

What day are you there? Starting on the Jan 1, they are back to 7am opening. We will be there on 1/2 and again on 1/6. Hoping to be there and through the gate a 7am at least one of those days. Ideally, on our first day there 1/2. However, that is our first park day, and we are staying at AS just on our arrival night on the 1st, then checking out and have to get our luggage moved over to Kidani that morning, so not sure how early we will be able to get moving. If we don’t get on it then, I will be a drill sargeant on the 6th to make sure we get there early! lol

As a point of reference, I just checked the app. Today they opened at 6am, and when I looked at 6:20, they were already distributing backup groups.