RD and PPO in personalized touring plans

When using the personalized touring plan software, what is the best way to account for waiting time for first ride when doing RD or riding after a PPO breakfast?

My current touring plans show wait times for the following rides when I add them as first ride at park opening:
Haunted Mansion: 12 min wait
Navi River: 29 min wait
Soarin (after GG PPO): 21 min wait
SDMT (after BOG PPO, EMM day): 11 min
Based on trip reports I was expecting that each of these rides would be a walk on or close to it. Also it seems like the software is recognizing a shorter wait for SDMT after the PPO but not Soarin - not sure why that is. Is there any way to adjust this? Or is it better to just leave the first ride off my touring plan and assume I will get on and off quickly? Or is that too optimistic? What do folks usually do? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

The RD wait times are calculated for the average WDW visitor, not for a Liner who is first in line at the tapstiles and knows exactly where they are going to go, and definitely not for someone who had a PPO breakfast.

One trick is to have a Meal Break at food area closest to the attraction you want to do first in place of that attraction on your plan. Have it start at park opening with a duration equal to the ride’s duration without a wait.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful! So do you think it would be realistic to assume no wait for those four rides? Crowd calendar shows 9 for the HM day, 9 for Navi day, 7 for Soarin’ day, and 7 for SDMT day. The first two I don’t think of generally as having long lines at RD, and the other two I should be able to ride pre-RD. I know it seems like a minor question, but the extra 15 - 30 min wait first thing seems to have a significant affect on the rest of our morning schedule according to the software.

As long as you are there at least 30 minutes before RD I don’t see why these wouldn’t be a walk on. I have heard of other liners putting a 10 minute break at rope drop and adding a note to say what ride you are riding so that it is a more accurate depiction of your wait times for that ride and the rest of the day.

I would assume 0 wait time for the first ride - just set the Meal Break for the ride duration. Let the software calculate the wait time for the rest of the rides.

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On December 15th we RDed MK at 7:10 for an 8 am opening. We zagged to the left, walked on to BTMR 2x, followed by a minimal wait for the elevator at HM.

On December 16th EMH at AK, we also arrived around 7:10. We RDed FOP. We were off FOP a little after 8 and off Navi by 8:20.

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What was crowd rating at AK that day?


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