RD Aliens or TSM?

We want to ride Aliens and TSM in HS at RD. We are not interested in SDD, so I will be getting FP for TSM with the idea to RD TSM, ride Aliens, and then use TSM FP. I’m sure lots of people will be heading to Aliens or TSM after SDD at RD so I’m worried that the Aliens line will get long quickly and it’s a really short ride to wait for. Should I RD Aliens instead and give up on riding TSM twice?

We RD SDD and then did TSMM with minimal wait a couple weeks ago. TSMM took a little time bc it takes a while to walk through the TSMM queue but we didn’t really wait ever maybe just for a few people to load ahead of us so I might consider RDing AS2 and then do TSMM SB and then with FPP if you don’t mind two times in a row. Interested to hear what others may say as we want to ride those two at RD after Jedi signups and will (hopefully) have FPP for SDD a bit later.

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