Raya and the Last Dragon

That was the first movie I saw in a theater as well! I loved Bambi as a kid. My grandma made me a blanket with Bambi embroidered on it. When we got the VHS later, I would always pretend I was a quail during the hunting scene by hiding under the coffee table with my blanket over my shoulders as “wings.” When the hunter came I would spring out and fly away. :joy:

Not sure why that wasn’t more disturbing to me … :thinking:


Oh, other than the fire I loved it.

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Rock Monster!

image http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Qbk5O3hgp6I/U9mfFOJgIcI/AAAAAAAAACs/LEhwhfjLO-M/s1600/VeggieDanceOff06.gif

I don’t even know what that is because we apparently didn’t get that far!

I can recite it for you… :wink:

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