Rate my TP please!

My husband says there is no way this plan can work because of the 0 free times. If the wait is even a few minutes longer than listed, the whole day will be ruined. He also says that the walk times to zig-zag across the park are not accurate. It’s just him and me, no kids. Can we do this TP ? Please help me. I’ve planned trips to remote South Pacific islands that were easier to figure out than this.


It looks do able. You have lots of free time later. Did you want to move some stuff to late in the day? Are you going to se the Festival of Fantasy parade?

No we weren’t planning on seeing that. People are telling me that these wait times are totally off ? Can I trust the software ? lol

The first thing I noticed was that there’s no lunch break. Are you planning to bring food and eat while you’re walking/in line?

The second thing I noticed is that you haven’t made any FastPass+ selections? You should be able to reserve those for the attractions on your plan with the longest waits (if you have your park tickets, then you should be able to reserve times for any attractions on your list).

As for the overall idea of whether or not you have too many activities for a day, I think you should be able to do everything listed on this plan and have extra time for more (or for a break).

You can… as much as any prediction of the future lol. They were pretty spot on for out last trip and even often over estimated so we got way ahead on our plans. Just have a plan b for what you’d be well to skip in order to see your must do’s if it’s busier than predicted.

Or what you can move. You have lots of time after dinner. Why aren’t you going to the parade? You are free.

do you have any fpp’s? that will make a big difference. you could set the walking speed to relaxed which would give you time for bathroom breaks. I also wonder if you want to make some time for lunch or even a morning snack.
the 12 min wait for PP at 9am will only work if you are at the front of the RD pack and head straight there upon arrival.
you have lots of time in the afternoon b/w 2 and 5 and then again after dinner. maybe you were going to use your fpp’s then?

Some waits will be longer, some will be shorter, but in the end it should all average out. I have found that overall my plans were very accurate. Usually if a plan goes off it is because of an unusual circumstance that cannot be predicted (ride going down, etc.)

The walk times are also quite accurate. However, if you don’t plan ahead and have a good idea of how to get from place to place it will take more time. If your DH is really worried about this, then adjust the walking speed and re-optimize.

I have not looked at the specifics of your plan, but there is a lot of good advice from the other posters.

You have a lot of free time after dinner. And no FPP’s. I would consider booking some FPP’s

Thank you everyone for the great advice !

Thanks for using the site, @marycharlton.

This 14-step plan is among the simpler we get. You’ll definitely see all of these attractions, and well before late afternoon. As @brklinck said, you’ll be slightly faster on some attractions, slightly slower on others, but it should average out.

If you haven’t already done so, download our Lines app from iTunes or Google Play (search for “Disney World Lines” on those stores).

Follow your touring plan on the Lines app. On the app is a button labeled “Optimize.” It will re-do your plan, while you’re in the park, using the actual crowd levels in the park at that time, from that moment forward. It’s specifically designed to bail you out of situations where the plan has got off track.

As for the walking times, are there any mobility issues that we’d need to be aware of? If so, there’s a “walking time” slider than can be adjusted for a slower pace. But if you’re two healthy adults with good shoes, you should be fine.

Let me know how this goes on March 3. Thanks again for using the site.

Also, make sure you are at the magic kingdom at least 45 minutes before it opens. I like positioning myself near one of the big planters with trees so that I can watch the welcome show but still be near the gate when it opens. Then bee line it to Peter Pan, and there is a chance you’ll be on and off that ride well in advance of where tp says you’ll be, then in line for the princesses, and have a fast stay to the day. You do have 279 minutes, or 4.5 hours of free time later in the day in case something really crazy happens.

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Thanks so much ! I will let you know :smile: