Ratatouille and MM Runaway Railway

What’s the latest speculation on when Ratatouille and Runaway Railway will open?

Both rumoured here, you did say speculation so I wouldn’t bet your house (or your trip!) on it.



Current speculations put MMRR as “Spring 2020” and Ratatouille as 2021. I don’t think we’ve heard any firm dates.

Originally, MMRR was expected to be 2019, but I suspect that got pushed back so more focus could be placed on SWGE and Skyliner. But, again…all speculation.

ETA: I left what I typed above, but I meant to just say 2020 for Ratatouille in contrast to SPRING 2020 for MMRR. But I accidentally typed 2021. Thanks for those who caught my mistake!

The rumour was that they couldn’t get the technology - which is the same as RotR - to work, so they gave up on M&M to concentrate on RotR.

Interesting. Although, the technology is working in other Disney parks. Wonder what the issue is.

The rumors I’ve read are the they used a cheaper system by a discount provider rather than the tried and true manufacturer who supplied the rides in other parks. Apparently it was already installed in DLR before they discovered the issue but in WDW they hadn’t started installation yet, which is why WDW is further along, since DLR had to reinstall the system.

Take with a heaping teaspoon of salt.


I thought I read that Ratatouille is currently expected to open in Summer 2020. I can’t remember where i saw it though.

Ratatouille is definitely summer 2020. There is a sign backstage visible from the Skyliner advertising it! There is a pic about halfway down in this article.

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Sorry. I didn’t mean to type 2021 for Ratatouille. :slight_smile: Apologies.

MMRR says opening spring 2020 which I take as March-May. We’re going in May. Ratatouille was on my touring plans as an attraction but then was removed so guessing June or later? No idea how to plan my HS days because right now if I put in touring plans FP for Slinky no matter how I optimize its super long waits for both Star Wars rides, MMRR, and decent waits for RRC, ToT, and TSM. I know it’ll probably all change once RoTR opens and they figure out a new FP situation. But not easy to plan the table service meals I have to book next month!


We are arriving April 25, so in the same boat. MMRR or Slinky, that is the question! I will hope to FP+ one and RD the other. Hoping to hear more about MMRR and Ratatouille before then, fingers crossed!

Given how SWGE was handled, you have to also consider the possibility that initially there will not be FP offered for MMRR. Or as pointed out by another poster, once both SW rides and MMRR are open, WDW may reconfigure the current tiered FP system.

As a hint about the opening of MMRR, there was an email sent out today with a 30% discount off rooms from 3/29 - 6/30 that specifically mentioned the ride as an attraction.

They must be pretty sure about the opening date to be advertising it like that.

I think 2020 should be deemed “The Year of the Rodents”, with both this and Rat opening!

And also it’s possible that 4 major rides could open within 12 months of each other: both Star Wars rides, MMRR and Rat.


By April 6, however, the ride will unexpectedly fail, stopping with guests stuck in a chaotic, rat-infested kitchen for 3 hours…


ETA: This would have been much funnier if I had actually processed the fact Nicky was specifically talking about MMRR and not Ratatouille. :confused:


I think it needs a different abbreviation cause this sounds awful. A quick google search tells me that there is no official name but that it is expected to be Ratatouille: the Adventure, which would make the acronym RtA. Which is just different enough from Rat to be satisfactory. :wink:

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Either way, I will prly be the one trapped! Trip is April 25. Let’s just hope for music that is less repetitive than “it’s a small world”!

It will be the year of the rat according to the lunar (Chinese) year calendar! (Year of the rat starts on January 25, 2020).


I haven’t seen this discount - who is offering it? All the WDW discounts I saw were for trips Jan-April 2020.

Wouldn’t it be nice if HS changed the FP tiering all together to NO tiers. Like MK. We could FP MMRR and both Star Wars rides one day, and FP Toy Story Mania, Slinky and RnRC the other day then pick up same day FP for Aliens, ToT and Star Tours? Shows don’t need FP anyway really right?


I assume the discount was a PIN of some sort. I just saw someone post about it in relation to the opening date of MMRR.