Rant - why won’t my parents listen!

Ok, parents are in Disney to go to Food & Wine and celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday. I managed to snag them a California Grill reservation for this evening at 7:20pm. It’s perfect. They are staying at the Swan. I give them a detailed itinerary. It tells them to call for a Lyft at 6:30pm to go to the Contemporary. Alternatively, if they don’t want to use Lyft, they had instructions to walk to Boardwalk to take the bus to the Magic Kingdom and walk over.

My sister is following them on the Find My Friends app and it shows them still at the Swan. I call. The guy at the Swan told them to take the Swan bus….which drops them at the TTC. I am ready to scream. Good lord! I spelled everything out!!! They know I know my stuff! Why are they ignoring my direction?!?!

(Ok, thank you for letting me get that out. If the miss this dinner I will go ballistic)


They have 20 minutes and the are now at TTC


So this one time at band camp…I mean my DSIL sent my brother to the TTC without a working phone (He’s a Kiwi from NZ so his phone was only working on WIFI here) to meet us to go back to the airport as she stayed behind with her sister. I was so mad when he couldn’t find us. Why would anyone send someone to the TTC without a phone to find their family. It took over an hour to find him and we would have missed our flight if their had been any kind of line at security at MCO but we were lucky there was not. He should have taken the monorail back to Poly and we could have picked him there as this was before covid and they would have definitely let us to pick up a family member staying there. Instead after an hour of trying to figure out where car pick up was and my mom sending my dad and hubby to look for him which I told her was like finding a needle in a haystack and we should stay put and let DB figure it out, my brother finally went to someone there that found him some WIFI so he could iMessage us and we could direct him to where car pickup was. I hate TTC…avoid it always if you can.


I can’t believe anyone actively sends people there!


They must be in the platform



They made it, only 10 minutes late. Because I booked it under my MDE, I got this notice


Lol. My Mom did this to me!! We were in Epcot and she needed a bathroom. I told her to follow me. She insists on walking all over the place until we could find a cast member. He tells her to go to the same place I was walking her to. We wasted like 15 minutes, I was trying so hard to be patient! After that she finally let me be the map. Glad they finally made it!


This is also the same person who two years ago, I sent her and my nephew back on the bus while my son and I dealt with a guest services issue. We were staying at AKL and she got on the bus to AK instead. :woman_facepalming:

And later that week, DS and I went to Space Mountain - they wanted to do Haunted Mansion. But despite my directions they never made it there because they got lost.


I heart this so much that you were watching your parents to make sure they got there. And even that they KNOW you know your stuff, they still asked staff.

My dad NIGHTLY goes to the front desk to see what time the buses will start in the am. After four trips with me. Luckily my mom ignores him and they are ready to go in the morning when I say to be in the hall.

I’m glad your parents made it. I’m sure they’re having a wonderful time!


I did this for them yesterday to get the to The Edison for dinner (which they really enjoyed)


Last post for the night…they didn’t have any of the Mickey cakes (see my comments in the Disney Addiction post earlier about trying to get that for them), but they did get cake nonetheless. They are leaving there happy.


This other time at band camp… I was at Disney Springs with my mom who wanted gelato. We were near the parking garage side entrance to AMC so I told her go straight towards Starbucks but turn right over the bridge and keep going straight that way until you see the gelato place on your right. She said “Those are the worst directions anyone has ever given me”. I was also literally pointing at the bridge. It was one turn! I couldn’t handle it when she said that so DH walked her over there so I could gather my I’ve been leading a family of 9 people for a week at WDW and this is my last day and I’m exhausted mental health. Ha ha ha


We worry because we care. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I feel your pain. My remaining parent has turned into a rebellious child. Super aggravating.


Thanks you for sharing your rant! It made me laugh but also gave me a pit in my stomach b/c I’m going with 9 family members next week! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know they won’t listen to me! My DH, DD and DS will be fine b/c they know how much planning I do. But I’m sure my Mom and sister will give me plenty of things to rant about here when I get back! Ha!


And please feel free to rant away!