Rank the Agent P Adventures

I would like to pick one adventure and schedule it into my TP for Epcot. Help me pick which one to try. If you have done Agent P, rank the adventures in the countries you have done from best to worst. If it matters for your ranking, our sons will be 9 at the time of the trip.

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When is your trip? When I saw your post I remembered this;


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They’re all pretty fun but we enjoyed the UK and Mexico ones most.
China was good as was France.


When we were there in January, the construction in France eliminated one of the best sequences (a cool zip line effect). It was still fun, just not as cool as it used to be. Mexico has neat effects and has the added advantage of being in AC. So great if you need to cool off for awhile. UK is another favorite. They are all a lot of fun. Be prepared that your kids might want to do more than one!

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Thank you! I hadn’t seen that. We are going in July. I actually think we would like the new on better so hoping they switch before then.

I have a TP with one in it fairly early in our WS time. Then carrying on with other things. I have another TP with several more missions after it in case they love it. Now thanks to @PrincipalTinker’s heads up I will probably do one TP with no missions in case we hit a transition time when they aren’ working or working well.

I liked Mexico and France best. The kid did the running around thing and I had a marg and a gray goose slushie respectively.

In France they get a small token of some sort. Luke loved that


I try to tell myself the WDW serenity prayer “We cannot do everything, so we must do what we can, accept what we can’t, and pray for the wisdom to tell the difference.” Wtih that in mind, I tried to do the country loop with DW, DS5 & DS7 on a CL9 day in April during the food & wine using snack credits instead of meals. DS5 & DS7 were watching Phineas and Ferb a lot at the time. Seemed like Agent P Adventure would help motive the fam to keep moving to the next spot. I made a walk through sheet that I kept hidden in my back pocket to help get us through any tough spots. Made them boys share a phone so they’d have to work together.

We started out in Mexico and everyone got a big kick out of the volcano. The fortune cookie at China was clever and very secret agenty. DW got grumpy first because it was getting hot and we were not talking about stuff she understood. She had not watched P&F, she couldn’t see the phone in the sun when the kids were holding it, we were not talking to her. Next off the rails was DS5. He was done with peaceful human interaction after the trek past the Outpost. DS7 made it through the adventures in Germany but didn’t enjoy them as much without everyone cheering each success. I think we only did one task in Italy before the bright sun forced us to hide in the darkness. All I can remember from the rest of the march was series of hard journeys between shade, punctuated by urgent scavenger hunts for the next bathroom to treat the afflictions suffered by those who enjoy too many cooling beverages & ice cream. Agent P adventures were a distant memory and we struggled to survive the day. Somehow we managed to claim the very nice prizes for the Easter Egg hunt at the top of the lagoon before slunking back to 4:30 monorail, exhausted, defeated.

So now that the full story has been told, I’d say the enjoyment of each adventures had as much to do with the temperature, camaraderie, hunger level and bathroom situation as it did with the quality of the actual animatronics & riddles.

In hindsight, I would not do more than two adventures in a day. I would try two phones so DW could work with one child while I worked with the other. Having the kids work together had its benefits, but there was always a fight when it came to who would press the button for the final big payoff, and DW felt left out while the three of us huddled over the small screen.

2 years later, I think DS7 & DS9 would really enjoy a Ducktales interactive adventure. Doesn’t seem to be any hard details on if/when/how that change might happen. It seems to go back to a single blogger’s “sources”. Very excited though.

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We did three of the adventures: China, Mexico, and France.

Mexico I did with my kids while my wife shopped. It was fun, and as others stated, in the A/C.

China my kids did without me and my wife because we had a mini-date eating at Lotus Blossom. They seemed to be having fun, however, as we could see them pass by every so often moving on to the next clue.

Then, in France, we all did it together.

This leaves us three left to try for our next trip. That is, unless the rumor @PrincipalTinker posted about comes true. Which would be unfortunate, since my kids have absolutely ZERO interest in Ducktales. As do I.

As far as our favorite? Hard to answer. We like them all.


UK and Mexico were our favourites too but China was our least favourite and France wasn’t far behind!


Our favorites were UK, France, Germany, and Japan. Mexico and China were only so-so for us.

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Thanks everyone!