Randomness: Excellent WDW fireworks spot

On Saturday and Sunday mornings while I play here I tend to let Disney parks youtube vids run in the background. One of my faves is WDW 4K which is generally just walkthroughs and provides great ambient sound and doesn’t require my full attention.

Anyway I have one running right now that they published on 10/30 and is titled Magic Kingdom 2021 Night Walkthrough Experience in 4K/Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Florida

They ride POTC and exit just as fireworks are starting. And let me tell you this looks like an AMAZING spot to view fireworks just over the roof of Tortuga Tavern. No projections, but music is audible and the fireworks are amazing! Loads of space to spread out, not at all busy!

Check out the video here. The fireworks viewing starts at the Van Halen mark (51:50 for those of you needing a little more information)


That is a really great spot. I love how at times the bottom edge of the sky just above the building changes color. I got chills when the music changes to Into the Unknown. That song is so powerful. One of our favorite things about Wishes was the ability to watch from everywhere. I’m glad that is true with this show as well.


Love that!!!

And great view. We are partial to riding BTMRR during the fireworks. Will now have to walk over by pirates to check out the scene there as well.

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I was hoping someone would!

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I love WDW 4K, too! My new favorite background video to have on. I love hearing the background music as they walk around, especially in Epcot.

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