Random questions- Owl Post, CB & RPR pool hours & opinions?

I have a few random questions that have popped up & since you all are so helpful, I’m asking for help again!

  1. Owl Post: Do they have a special cancellation stamp or something that says the letter is from Hogsmeade? My niece turns 11 in Sept, and if it makes it look more official, I would have DD15 address a special envelope & send her a Hogwarts letter (albeit early).

  2. Does anyone know Cabana Bay &/or Royal Pacific Pool hours for this month?

  3. For TS dining, I chose Toothsome, Mythos & Cowfish. Cowfish’s food looks amazing & like it will hit something perfect for each of us (burger lover, vegetarian, picky kid & one more adventurous eater). Toothsome & Mythos look like cool theming, but I’m not sold on the menu. Would you keep those 2 or trade for something else? We will be staying at RPR those days.

4.just thought of it, so ETA: how do you become eligible for online check in? I can’t even view my reservations online, but they assure me they exist!:joy:


The sell postcards & “Howlers” (the angry wizarding letters in which you can record a message)

They will postmark it from Hogsmeade. However, they current do not have the special Hogwarts castle stamps pictured below

It should be 8am - 11pm, but does change. (Someone who is there now can probably give a better answer)

Cowfish is great. However, the service is super slow. Try to do it either after you are done being in the park or about to take a long mid-day break

Between Mythos vs. Toothsome’s - Mythos wins that battle every time. Toothsome’s is OK, but is on par with a Cheesecake Factory. Not bad, but typical chain restaurant food. If all you want is one of the Crazy/Monster Milkshakes or chocolates they sell them in the lobby. You don’t have to eat there to get your IG milkshake pictures. (IMHO - they are fun to eat, but overhyped. The treats they stack on the shakes are premade / stale - Kinda disappointing. Still not awful though)

If you have a reservation, you should have gotten an e-mail. It’s really hard to see but there is a link in each one showing you how to check your reservation


You will get an e-mail about 1 - 3 days before your trip offering to let you mobile check-in


The slide pool at CB is 9-10 just now.

I think the lazy river pool is 9-11, but I’ll confirm that if I see any signs.


Those are our top two eating experiences so far.

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For in-park, check the menu of Finnigans at USF. Many people recommend it.

At CityWalk, check Bigfire. Although, we had 2 great experiences at Toothsomes.


Royal Pacific’s pool hours in mid June were 9 am to 11 pm. Could be extended in July though.

I was nervous about online check in, kept checking my emails but I received the email shortly after 4 pm the day before we arrived. It saved so much time, I encourage you to do it.

Mythos was great. We loved the ambience and the food was delicious, my gluten-free pad Thai was very good. Rest of family enjoyed our lunch there and want to go back. Our experience at Toothsome for lunch SUCKED. Food was fine, but reservation at 12 noon (seated promptly) and didn’t get out of there until 2 pm. We won’t go back.

Cowfish was a big hit. Service was slower than other places but faster than Toothsome. I think service was slower because we were seated on their second floor (building 3rd floor) and waitress had to go downstairs & back up for food. That’s a haul! Whole family liked it and the cocktails were excellent. Family also requesting we go back next trip. I’ll stick with their sushi because the gluten-free bun was hard, which is pretty typical of most restaurants.


Big Fire was the only TS we did last year and it was excellent!


They send you an email the night before with a link to check in online. This is where you add all the names of your party members so they can get Express Pass (if staying at a premium resort, as RPR is).


Agreed. Bigfire was the highlight of all of our meals, and we do table service for almost all our lunches & dinners, usually.


We really enjoyed BigFire too. Although based on a number of reviews we avoided bread products.


This board has been such a valuable source of info, I thank you all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: