Random Questions before my trip on Friday!

1- plan on visiting Wilderness Lodge Friday evening while we’re staying offsite before AK & BC stays later in the week. Will Uber be allowed in to drop us off? If not, will we be able to utilize Disney transportation without active tickets? (Tickets aren’t active until Monday)

2- We have a 8:00 am CRT the following Friday. I read somewhere else (Facebook group maybe?) that no one was being let in before 8:30, and that the restaurant was aware, etc. (We will be on-site guests eligible for early entry at that time). Is this true?! Seems odd to start the day 1/2 hour behind schedule! Can anyone confirm/deny this has been happening lately?

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  1. You’ll likely have trouble being dropped off without a TS reservation or a quick service order waiting for you to pick up. You can be dropped off at TTC and use Disney transport, no ticket required :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!

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  1. Everyone is let into MK an hour before official park opening. Resort guests can go past the Hub and line up ready for early entry rope drop. If you have an ADR you will also be able to go to it, look for a CM holding a board in the Hub.

So what time you will be allowed in depends on opening time of the park.

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The check in for CRT has been to the left of the castle (heading towards Sleepy Hollow). There might also be an ADR checkin before the train tunnel to allow you in a few minutes early.

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If I have a mobile order, I should be good, though? Have a mobile order for Geyser Point

Should be

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Rumor confirmed. 8:00am Royal Table reservations and everyone is being held at taps. There is no sign to let you in earlier. We have asked multiple cast members and they said we have to wait with everyone else. They’ll just check everyone in late.

Taps opening 7:51

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This goes back some years - ?2014? - but when we had a 9am Pirate makeover thingie on a 9am opening, that’s exactly what happened to us too. It’s nervewracking as the guest, and dumb on the part of the venue.