Random Question about Magical Express

Okay, I thought of another question that I have. Our plane is schedule to land at 7 pm on the day in which we arrive, and I was curious about how long to expect before we are dropped off at our resort, which is Coronado Springs. I know if can vary a little bit, but does anyone have a rough estimate of time to expect. We were thinking of trying to walk around at Disney Springs that evening once we check out our resort. I don’t know how many stops the magic express has to make, as I am sure that it varies.

When we stayed at Coronado in March of last year, we made no extra stops. Our Magical Express bus was designated solely for CS. Now, obviously a lot can change in 15 months and it’ll depend on how many people from your resort are taking Magical Express around the same time. I imagine a lot of guests will be getting there earlier than 7 pm so you might make a couple of stops. Its so hard to gauge. The Springs are hopping pretty late into the evening though so I think as long as your family is up for potentially a late evening, you’ll have time to do some walking around.

The general rule of thumb is to allow about 3 hours from flight arrival to being at any park or DS, when using DME. That includes time to do the whole plane to DME to hotel to transport to park/DS. A 7:00 arrival might get you to DS by 10:00. That would give you two hours to explore, assuming they close at midnight like they do now.

Expect 2 hours from stepping off the plane to stepping into your lobby. Anything better is just icing on the cake. Please pack anything you may need in the first several hours in your carry on. Medication, money, extra clothes, perhaps pajamas. It can take a bit for the luggage to arrive.