Random level 8 for AK on my crowd tracker?

The 8 for AK on Sunday 11/30 seems odd given the crowd levels for other parks/days in the same time period… Is AK notoriously crowded on Sundays or something?

Odd. What was the level for the same day last year?

Hmmmm… looks like they predicted a “9” and saw a “7”… I guess it is a busy time at AK on the Sunday after Thanksgiving!

hmmmm - I wonder if we need to do a shout out to @fred to see if he can answer the random level 8 for AK on 11/30?

Isn’t that the last day of Thanksgiving Weekend in the US?

ETA: I see that @MindfulMouse says the same day last year was a 7. Thanks!

@Lentesta thanks :slight_smile:

My AK for Sunday, Feb 8, 2015 is a 10! This seems weird to me as well.

What was is last year on the same date?

It was 6/10 (predicted and actual)

Hmmm. Good one. No idea. Couldn’t be related to Valentines the week after?

My Sunday of Nov 2 is a 7, last year predicted and actual were both 2. The 7 doesn’t stand out as much now after the adjustment in CC, but it was a 6 even before that when everything around it was low.

Would love to know what is driving the model so high for Sundays at AK; it just doesn’t seem logical based on the data I know so something else must be factoring in pretty heavily.

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Thanks for asking. I’ve been wondering this too re 11/2. @len?

I have been curious about this too.

Actually the “Sunday” after Thanksgiving last year was predicted a 4 and was a 4. Last year that date was December 1st 2013. :smile:
I’ve been wondering about the 8 as well.
Thanks for posting