Random Ha Ha moment

On Tuesday, I had my 3rd (and hopefully last) foot surgery so I am laid up at home for the next several days. One of my co-workers asked for a picture of my foot so my husband took a photo for me since I am not flexible enough to get the perfect shot.
I figured all WDW lovers will appreciate the humor in this so I decided to post the picture here. Meet my new house guest for the next 4 weeks…

Happy Thursday everyone!


:joy::joy::joy: good one!

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:joy::joy::joy: brilliant!

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I really hope it heals quickly!

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Thanks. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery so it doesn’t get in the way of my Disney trip in September!


I had a student who recently had those little eyeballs sticking out of his hand. It freaked me out. Pixie dust for a speedy recovery.

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