Random food for thought; good news on opening

I just received and email from my local Great Wolf Lodge here in southwest Ohio. They are opening back up for overnight stays starting July 6th. Totally random, and totally means nothing about WDW in Florida, however I thought is was a nice positive fact. GWL isn’t nearly as big as WDW however it is a national chain. So there ya go…

May the Fourth be with You!


Are the pool facilities going to be open or just lodging?



I’ve been thinking about GWL and what they will do to open up. Interesting.


Interesting, i am only a little over an hour from there…by chance do you know what, if any, limitations they will have at opening?

@jeremy.dmiller no I do not. I get their emails and just received an email stating they are doing a Give Thanks promo. For every night booked now (through some end date I don’t remember) they will donate a portion of your payment to nurses. For stays starting July 6th. That’s all it said normal “Stays”. I picked a date in September just to give me an idea of price and went all the way until the checkout page and there was never any alerts or anything. I did not purchase though

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Interesting, I hope this can happen, but I wonder if, like Disney, they will take reservations but cancel if not open. These kinds of facilities are not yet on the reopening plan in Ohio. I’m hoping to get some Kings Island time in this summer!

@Ariel79 yes on KI! It was super nice that they automatically made this years passes good for next too! However, it makes me worried if they did that knowing they were already not going to try and open for this year. Eek.

I think they are still in that waiting mode. I also live near KI. We spend a lot of time there during the season. I keep having memories pop up and it makes me sad when they pop up that we can’t go.

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