Random Disney Thoughts

This is not a well thought out and cohesive tpost. Ten times a day I have Disney thoughts and questions that aren’t worthy of being a topic. I saved them up. At least a few I can think of right now.

I’m staying at Pop for two nights, a day and a half of actual Disney time. The first full day I’m doing DAH at AK. Then for two nights at Kidani village, three park day. Should I buy a a five day ticket (4 day with bonus day) Or a 1 day then 3 day?

Is a halfday enough for HS if I get there at 2, and want to ride only MF, RnR, TT abd SDD, with a meal at Prime Time?

I want time to stay at Kidani lodge and view the savanah view. How do I fit that in? Arriving at about 2pm on the Monday and flying home Wednesday evening.
Should I do two MK days? Should I skip Epcot wgere mostly I just plan to eat stuff?

Should I be really excited to some day do DLP. I hear it’s dirty and the gum chewing CM are mean. But also that some of the rides are better.

I don’t think I ever will do it, but I wonder if eating alone at Whispering Canyon is excruciating for shy people.

Apart from the ice cream, what makes BW worth the price.

There were other thoughts… Oh I totally do not understand DVC. It seems way more expensive than just getting a regular reservation.


Really good questions!
I don’t get DVC either. If your stay included tickets, I might see the value, but the way it is now, it seems like it only saves if you would normally book the very best rooms.

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Just baffled!

The location.


I did Kidani for a short trip (split stay) and would never do it again. We spent so much time in the parks that we were not really in the room during the day. At night you can not see anything at all…so for those 10 minutes before we left for a park every morning, we did not see a single animal…it was not worth it.

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Uh oh!

I should say, I would never do it again for a short stay for two adults that plan to be in the parks all day. If I ever brought kids along or people that require midday breaks, maybe. It was definitely a nice resort, but not conveniently located and not worth the savanna view $$.

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My Mum and I love DLP. It was our first introduction to Disney Parks and continues to be our go to although we have been to WDW once. You can’t compare WDW and DLP. They’re so very different - worlds apart! But DLP is a corner of Disney and a happy bubble to us. We haven’t had any problem with dirtiness and have always found the staff to be helpful. They are French and the culture of hospitality is very different I think to the US, but we’ve never found them rude at all. There are two parks, a MK type park and a Hollywood Studios type park. There are rides there that aren’t in WDW that are fab. The Disney detail is still to be found and the magic happens. If you were in France anyway then why not! If you’re making a special trip then we can happily spend 5 days there but I know a lot of people only want 2-3 days.

I should add we’ve been to DLP three times since 2007 as Mum and daughter adult only trips. We save up and go all out for 5 days every few years.

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There. I want to go again. Life was cheaper when it was dirty, mean and covered in gum.

181 days to go. Touring plans completely done. Restaurants choses. So now what? It feels absolutely bizarre.

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It should work well, because you’ll have plenty of room on your table for ketchup! I went a few years ago and the ketchup thing was the only thing I noticed or remember. Plus, if you ask nicely, I’m guessing they’ll just bring you 1 bottle of ketchup if you ask nicely and tell them you don’t want to participate in any shenanigans.

I’ve never stayed at BW specifically, but I love to stay at the BW area (Swan/Dolphin). One of the biggest complaints you will ever hear (repeatedly) is about the buses. With BW area, you have 2 parks you can get to easily without ever getting on a bus. You can take the boats or walk. For me, this means that about half of my days, I know for sure I won’t be standing at a bus stop with cranky kids (translation: me).

Check into renting points. There can be some good deals this way if you would otherwise stay at a deluxe resort. If not, stick with other options.

Probably depends when you are going, but I’m going to guess that no, it will not be enough. I’d plan a full day just in case. However, with the 6AM opening time, you might get done by early afternoon, so if you call 7 hours a half-day, then yes. :slight_smile:


Also! In other news, it drives me nuts that during special events (I’ve been to one, so I’m an expert now) they have everyone use the fastpass line. I feel like I’m missing out. Especially at Haunted Mansion.

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Today was ADR day. That was a chore. Page kept timing out and going down. When they went up times were unavailable. Ugh. Also weeks ago, Disney offered to send me a calendar reminder. It popped up yesterday and said I could make reservations at 12. That was a happy surprise. It was an unpleasant surprise when it turned out to be a lie.

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Oh dear!

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