Randmom Questions

Sorry for all the questions! I’ve narrowed down my tp’s and now I’m working on the nitty gritty (too much time on my hands ;))

  1. Can you get food to go at Everything Pop? For instance, if I just sent hubby to get some breakfast items, will he be able to feasibly carry it back to the room?

  2. Any suggestions for best non-Main Street parade viewing of Main Street Electrical? I know the TP websites has suggestions, but it all hinges on the direction the parade is moving. Is there a way to find our where the parade will start before it begins?

  3. Recommendations for DHS or MK QS dinners?

  1. Yes you can get food to go, they have covers for a lot of the plates, also I have seen people carrying trays back to the rooms.

2 I will leave to the parade pros as I usually do not sit for the parades.

3 QS
MY PICK: Columbia Harbor House is yummy great chicken pot pie at dines, quality chicken and the broccoli is good
Cosmic Ryas has burgers, and other assorted items
Pecos Bill just had a menu change and has been getting goor reviews. They are more like Chipotle now if you like that.

Ate at Backlot Express last time and it was tasty, and Catalina Eddie had good pizzas. Right by RNRC and TOT

  1. I will add that usually there are bags as well at the registers if you ask.

  2. I like outside the Country Bears

  3. I like Sleepy Hollow but I am looking forward to trying the new Pecos Bills menu

I try to stay away from QS at HS but I love sitting in Tune In Lounge and splitting a fried chicken dinner with a friend.

For #2, I’ll second the Country Bears. I walked up to that area 10 minutes before parade time last month and got a great spot. Another area I like is across from the Shootin Gallery (on the opposite side).

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Thanks for the suggestions! Now to find the bears on the map (I’ve never seen the bears)

  1. I did it every morning.

  2. I pretty much agree with what others have said. I’ve probably watched more parades from near the AL/FrL “cut-through” than anywhere else. And you MUST see CBJ at least once. It’s classic Disney and is one of the ever-decreasing number of attractions that has been in the MK since opening day. It typically has a very short wait, and the show only runs about 15 min.

  3. In the MK SH is great for sweet snacks, but I prefer CHH for a “meal”. Never cared for the “old” Pecos Bill’s, but will probably try the new menu at least once. In DHS I almost always eat TS; 4 very good TS choices, virtually no “good” QS choices. I find Pizza Planet to be the least offensive; on a par with any of your “standard” delivery pizza chains.