Ramping up for a Solo Trip (cause I'm insane)


Looking like my DVC waitlist isn’t going to come through for this December (waitlist timeline expires tomorrow), so I did what anyintelligent and sane person does… I booked a solo trip for the same time at Port Orleans Riverside with a royal room.

Cause I’m sane. And intelligent. And if you believe any of that, I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Kansas. Great deal! Just let me know if interested! :crazy_face: :credit_card:

Ok, there actually is some logic to this:

  1. Mom’s doing exceedingly well (woo hoo!) and is going to be staying with family members for the next several months. So since there’s no chemo or immediate danger, I can take a moment and actually breathe.

  2. Because of that, I feel I need a legit vacation for myself. This past year has been nuts and while the trips to Disney with her were fun…they were extremely hectic and stressful for obvious reasons.

  3. I’ve always wanted to see Disney at Christmas and I know no one in my family (mom included) is going to enjoy it as much as me, so taking it all in alone at first is going to be the best thing I can do.

  4. It’s fairly cheap. With it being Port Orleans, miles, annual pass (though it didn’t apply to the room), and other discounts, I’m able to get in and out without too much of a hit to the budget. Obviously, food and merch will can break that, but if I’m sensible (stop laughing), I can get a trip in on the cheap (seriously, stop…wait, did you just snort?)

Now, to avoid ire from friends and family for a third trip in a year (even though I shouldn’t care), and worse a solo trip, I’ve lied and said that I am being sent away on business for that time.

Only thing left to do is set up MDE and figure out which day I want to do the Christmas Party. I have conflicting feelings on the room choice, though. I love theming, buuuut I’m worried it might a bit too “princess-y” for me? I’ve looked at the room finder and all that, it doesn’t look like a unicorn exploded in there or anything so I think I should be good, what are your thoughts?

Also, any recommendations for a room I should request? I have a river view, btw.


IIRC, the royal rooms are all in the same building, and if you’ve got a river view, it’s should be on the Sassagoula River side of the building, and you’ll probably use the East Depot for your bus transit.

Not sure it makes much difference which room you request… but I do want to see pictures of your room when you get into it! :smiley:

Have Fun!


I hope you have a great trip - looking forward to the trip report!


Sounds great. You should do it…but could you send pics of the oceanfront property in Kansas that you want to sell :wink:


Sure! My camera is currently broken, I’ve been sick, and I’m on vacation (and every other excuse out there), but I can get you pictures soon! :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHA - btw - I love POR, but confess I have never stayed in a preferred room, so don’t know about exploding unicorns


I am happy to hear you are getting a vacation on your own. Looking forward to your trip report.


Yay for you! And so glad to hear about your mom. Christmas should be a wonderful time to go. We will be there early Dec and plan on MVMCP. Holidays around the world sounds cool too. Also sunset seasons at HS. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!


Thanks! I’m really looking forward to it, but I suddenly realize I think I didn’t give myself enough time already. I only have 4 nights…that’s 1 night in each park… and if I go to the party, that either sacrifices a standard-MK night or another park’s night. #disneyproblems :cry:


Disney problems are the best kind of problems aren’t they?!
Illuminations has its special holiday peace on earth ending that is supposed to be beautiful. HS has Jingle Bell Jingle Bam. If you have already seen ROL (I think you did with your mom) then you could hop over to MK for HEA after your AK day.
You will need a vacation after this trip!


I’m so glad you are doing this!! It sounds perfect for you…you’ll be able to make all the calls, and do exactly what YOU want to do. You totally deserve this. And I like the idea of the “business” trip. Nobody needs to know your “business.” Except us. We’ll need full trip reports.


That’s kinda what I’m thinking too. Strategically visit the earlier-closing parks and then hop over to the later-closing parks immediately after. Won’t be able to rely on Disney transport though, so I’ll have to do Lyfts and Minnievans (though maybe not the latter as that last price hike was obscene).

hah! One thing I did quickly learn is when you’re busy pushing a chair and having someone with you, it is FAR harder to take notes for later recollection and narration. So a thorough trip report is far more likely this time around.


download nooooooo-o-o-o-o!!! too many EMMs are killing half my PPO BOG setups. :sob: lol

Went from a joyous 4 to measly 2. Ugh. Well at least now I have room for others. Boma is already slated, any other breakfast ideas that aren’t character-based? I’m not really into Character breakfasts when I’m alone.

But hey! Silver Lining! EARLY (8AM hour) BOG reservations for 12/2 and 12/4 are about to open up!. :man_facepalming:


I have ADR for us at Boma breakfast too. We have never been. I’m thinking my 13 yo especially will like it. Will it live up to its rave reviews?
The other one I was considering was WCC. Then boat ride over to MK.


I really enjoyed Boma breakfast. There was nice variety beyond typical breakfast buffet of eggs, bacon, waffles. The eggs with goat cheese and the French toast bread pudding were to die for! Of course, I was staying at AKL so definitely worth it in that case. If you are not, YMMV.


It will. The french toast bread pudding alone (with the walnut sauce) alone is worth the price of admission. I’m also a huge fan of the scrambled eggs with goat cheese and spinach. Absolutely delicious.

They also offer a bunch of other stuff too that I just didn’t have enough stomach room to try. Like smoked salmon, bagels, muffins, etc…


Ok I’m getting very hungry now!


This makes perfect fiscal sense to me! You have annual pass. You NEED to get your money’s worth. This is what we do in DL. We buy an AP and try to squeeze in as many trips as possible, then take a couple of years off.


Fiscally and mentally, absolutely, it makes total sense. But my family is a bunch of jealous ass hats who judge you and then refuse to do simple things like watch your dog and/or never let you forget the “hardship” you put them through if you appear to be having more fun than they deem “appropriate”.

As I’ll need them to watch my mom for the week, I rrrreally need to keep it from them otherwise it’ll be suddenly “aw, we can’t, we’re just so dang busy doing uh…things!”

(ok, sorry for ranting a bit… it just gets to me)


I think you totally deserve this, and agree wholeheartedly with @BeckyTemp13. It’s your business…