Ramblings of our food choices for our trip in 16 days

Ok, we are slitting a DxDDP with part of our kids and Grandma in one room and DH and I and the other half of our kids in the other. Except for Grandma, the rest of us live on an island just north of Honduras so food is about 100 of the same ingredients mixed different ways, so food is as much a part of our trip as flushing toilet paper and hot showers, I mean as much as rides and shows. This is only our second trip and last trip was offsite and we did mostly QS in the park to maximize the rest to do. Ok so we are planning 9 or 10 TS, one for each day excpet travel day as we travel all night at arrive at 9am, or 7am our internal clock time. I have changed our meals approximately 300x. Looking for thoughts and suggestions on our plans.
Day 1 arrival day, zombies, stumble to food court(POP or AoA and OOP) or eat with is in grocery delivery and head to bed early
Day 2 HS day. This is one where I think we had each of the park 1 TS meals planned at one time but nothing really seemed to hit the mark. We now have B&C planned at 3:10 with no snacks or QS that seems to go, will probable hit up some Chicken nugget and fries or nachos. Burgers and Ice cream are things we crave so we are excited about this and just sad the boat is not going to be running since that was part of the break feel of heading over right? We will most likely bus, Grandma has COPD so walking the extra 2 miles is not in our favor.
Day 3 AK, We have 3:20 ROL Tusker planned with LOTS of snacks picked out to munch all morning and late evening.
Day 4 Pool/rest day…No idea where to eat. Have a lunch at Morimoto’s currently scheduled.
Day 5 MK PPO BOG ( for early entry and will grab several Gaston platters) and LTT picked for DD who loves turkey, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese and the dessert looks great too! Plan on having sundaes at the Plaza for dinner
Day 6 Pool/rest day with DS afternoon and Raglan Road DInner
Day 7 Epcot PPO Akershus and snacking around the world all afternoon evening. I also want a schwarma platter at Tangierine Cafe.
Day 8 MK boat over for Trails End brunch, a must do repeat from our 1st trip, Dinner at whichever CS we want
Day 9 Blizzard beach water park day and eat at RFC AK on our way back to the resort, this is a must due from DH based on our last trip.
Day 10 Grandma leaves around 2, Bon Voyage breakfast, after Grandma leave no plans, we need a dinner somewhere.
Day 11 We leave at 9:30pm for a long travel night. My dad might drive up and meet us for much at DS, maybe Splitsville and bowling? OR Blaze/Dluxe and shopping? Or???

With our 7 set TS meals not including B&C we are already at the break even for the plan, that leaves all 60 snack credits, and the other 41 meal credits as whatever value we find when we are hungry and want them.

Any thoughts, suggestions, review, photos, are welcomed!

I know at the AOA food court the adult chicken nuggets meal was large (8 nuggets + 2 sides) so when you are OOP you could look at that type of thing for sharing. The surf and surf burger there was tasty. The pastry case had some decent desserts that were snack credits and they used to have gelato for a snack credit (not a huge serving but decent).

At B&C I really enjoyed the grilled cheese and tomato soup.

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Your post made me realize how many things we take for granted here in the US. I never imagined not being able to flush the toilet paper.

I can’t speak to most of your choices as they are a lot of the ones we will be trying for the first time on our trip in 2 weeks. I can tell you that the AoA food court is very good for most meals. I loved the Caprese sandwich so much that I ate it several times during our stay. I did not care for AoA breakfast, and I am a big breakfast lover. You could really just walk over the bridge to POP and get breakfast there. My families favorite place for breakfast is RFC AK. They can’t get enough of the seasoned potatoes.

I hope you and your family have a great trip!

Thank you for chiming in. I love Caprese salads so the sandwich sound interesting. We too love breakfast but also looe rope dropping so most breakfasts will be on the go, but RFC for breakfast, will have to look into that!